My Demon (Season 1) Episode 8 PreviewMy Demon is an amazing show and very interesting due to its interesting story of chaebol heiress Do Do-Hee (played by Kim Yoo-Jung) and her strange love story with the demon Jung Gu-Won (played by Song Kang). As the story goes on, the couple, who are now married on a contract because of a strange event that gave Do-Hee the demon’s powers, gets caught up in a web of family drama. 

The seventh episode combined funny and dramatic moments as Do Do-Hee and Jung Gu-Won dug deeper into the investigation of Madam Ju’s (Kim Hae-Sook) murder by her own family. Now, what will happen in episode 8? For that, check out our My Demon (Season 1) Episode 8 preview.

What happened in My Demon (Season 1) Episode 7?

  • Jung Gu-Won kisses Do Do-Hee to hide their faces from No Do-Gyeong.
  • A mysterious woman appears, hinting at secrets in their connection due to Gu-Won’s flickering powers.
  • No Do-Gyeong faces questions from his mother about his whereabouts.
  • Expresses disbelief in psychiatrists and requests not to be sent to one anymore.
  • Gu-Won and Do-Hee ponder the brief flickering of his demonic powers.
  • Their belongings arrive, leading to Do-Hee kicking Gu-Won out after a protest over his items.
  • Seok-Hoon visits Do-Hee, suspecting Gu-Won’s true identity.
  • Shows pictures linking Gu-Won to the Sunwol Foundation.
  • Do-Hee provides an excuse, but Seok-Hoon remains skeptical and warns Gu-Won not to harm her.
  • Stalker infiltrates Gu-Won’s house, plants an audio recorder, and takes the demon guidebook.
  • Reflects on the demon saving her from her alcoholic father during childhood.
  • Gu-Won returns, recharges by holding Do-Hee’s hand, and they share the same bed.
  • Internet rumors circulate about Do-Hee potentially killing Madam Ju.
  • Seok-Hoon advises addressing the root problem, but Do-Hee’s step-brother Seok-Min is revealed to be behind the news.
  • Do-Hee confronts Seok-Min, leading to a heated argument and a near shooting incident.
  • Gu-Won and Do-Hee confront a content creator spreading false information.
  • The demon’s house is visited, and the guidebook is discovered missing.
  • Stalker learns of the demon’s identity during a conversation.
  • Gu-Won drops Do-Hee home after a visit to the Sunwol Foundation.
  • Stalker informs the killer about the demon’s identity.
  • Do-Hee is arrested, and Gu-Won rushes to rescue her, only to be stabbed and rendered unconscious.
  • No Do-Gyeong receives a message about the “monster hunt,” raising suspicions.
  • The mysterious woman talks about choices over fate.
  • Gu-Won learns of Do-Hee’s arrest and rushes to rescue her but gets stabbed by the stalker.
  • The episode ends with uncertainty about the demon’s survival.

Where can I stream My Demon (Season 1) Episode 8?

You can stream My Demon Season 1 Episode 8 on Netflix.

Release date & time:

My Demon (Season 1) Episode 8 is scheduled for release on Netflix on December 16, 2023. The release time is 3:00 pm (BST).

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What to expect from My Demon (Season 1) Episode 8?

  • The first part of the episode will probably show the effects of Gu-Won’s stabbing, making viewers worry about his health. 
  • The story might talk about how bad his injuries are and what happened right after the attack.
  • Do Do-Hee will likely be upset about Gu-Won’s state, which will lead her to start or join a mission to save him. 
  • In order to save Gu-Won, important figures may have to work together and face the threats against them.
  • Figuring Out What the Stalker Wants:
  • Since the stalker told the killer who the demon was, Episode 8 may look into why the stalker betrayed the killer. 
  • People watching might see how the stalker is aligned with the bad guy and what part they play in the events that occur.


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