Mario Casas’s 2023 Spanish drama film My Loneliness Has Wings is his first feature film as a director. The movie has been called a drama and an apocalyptic thriller, elements of suspense. Let’s get into the details regarding its cast and character, release date, plot, and where you can watch it.

Cast & Character Explained:

Óscar Casas as Dan

Popular for his role in The Orphanage (2007), Instinto (2019) and Ivan’s Dream (2011), Óscar Casas plays the lead character of Dan.

Candela González as Vio

Candela González is famous for her character in Días de Cine (1991). She plays the part of Vio in this series.

Farid Bechara as Reno

Farid Bechara plays the character of Reno in this movie.

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Francisco Boira as Padre Dan

Popular for his character in Bad Education (2004), Nubes (2010) and Todos los hombres sois iguales (1996), Francisco takes up the role of Padre Dan.

Adolfo Parra as Dealer

Adolfo Parra plays the character of Dealer in the movie.

Yerlin Ureña Gil as Recepcionista Hostal

Yerlin Ureña Gil steps into the character of Recepcionista Hostal in this movie.

Ángeles Moreno as Abuela Dan

Ángeles Moreno plays the role of Abuela Dan in this movie.

Nur Olabarria as Amiga Madre

Nur Olabarria is popularly known for El Molino, Cardo (2021). She plays the role of Nur Olabarria.

Rebeca Aliena as Francesca

Rebeca Aliena plays the character of Francesca in My Loneliness Has Wings.


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Bea de la Cruz as Hermana Vio

Popular for her role in Everything Else (2021), Call TV (2017) and Malaka (2019), Bea de la Cruz steps into the character of Hermana Vio.

Marta Bayarri as Dueña Compo Oro

Known for her part in  Vaca (2018), Una nit (2014) and Fugit (2016), Marta Bayarri takes up the role of Dueña Compo Oro.

Ricard Boyle i Coll as Acompañante Mujer Golden

Ricard Boyle plays the character of Acompañante Mujer Golden.

Lanss as Cachalote

Lanss steps into the role of Cachalote in this movie.

Gerard Oms as Cura Funeral Abuela

Popular for Inefable (2021), Has estado, hace tiempo (2022) and Molt lluny, Gerard Oms plays the part of Cura Funeral Abuela.

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‘My Loneliness Has Wings’ Release Date:

My Loneliness Has Wings was released in Spain on August 25, 2023. It is set to release online in Brazil and Singapore on January 19, 2024.

‘My Loneliness Has Wings’ Plot:

My Loneliness Has Wings centers on a group of young adult jewel thieves who steal jewelry as a means of their livelihood. But when things go bad, they are compelled to relocate to a Madrid area. Dan, a young man with a passion for painting, particularly street art and graffiti, is the story’s main character.

The movie is packed with thrilling plots and mysteries that keep the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each twist and turn. It illustrates male nudity and male rear nudity with some critics having commented on its visuals and sound.

Where to Watch ‘My Loneliness Has Wings’?

You can watch ‘My Loneliness Has Wings’ on Netflix.

Watch the Trailer here:

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