This year, as the holidays get closer, Hallmark is releasing a new holiday movie called “Mystic Christmas.” The beautiful seaside village of Mystic, Connecticut, is the setting for this heartwarming movie. Recently, this village has become a popular place for many Christmas movies. In this article, we will talk about the cast and characters, the plot, the release date, and where you can watch this story come to life.

Cast & Characters Explained

Jessica Schram as Juniper – The Marine Veterinarian

Leading the cast is the talented American actress, model, and singer Jessica Schram, who plays Juniper, a passionate marine veterinarian in the world of Mystic Christmas.

Chandler Massey as Sawyer – The Pizza Shop Owner

Chandler Massey returns to Hallmark, this time portraying Sawyer, Juniper’s old flame, who has settled down as the owner of a cozy pizza shop in the village of Mystic.

Patti Murin as Candice – Juniper’s Best Friend

Patti Murin, an accomplished American actress, singer, and dancer, takes on the role of Candice, Juniper’s best friend and the dedicated manager of the local aquarium in Mystic Christmas. Murin’s attraction to the film lies in its unique theme of animal rescue, setting it apart from traditional Hallmark movies.

Supporting Cast

Mystic Christmas’s cast includes Delaney Quinn as Louisa, William R. as Moses, Keri Safran, Eric Freeman, and Amelie McKendry, who add depth and charm to the story.

Mystic Christmas
Mystic Christmas


Jennifer Jones, who Jessica Schram plays, is a free-spirited marine doctor who loves to travel and doesn’t want to settle down. However, her journey takes a strange turn when she has to do a favor for a college friend and ends up in the adorable coastal town of Mystic, Connecticut, during the holiday season. Juniper gets a brief job at the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center and Aquarium. There, she works hard to help a lovable seal named Peppermint get better so it can go back to the wild.

As Juniper works hard on her task, she starts to enjoy Mystic, its friendly people, and, much to her surprise, Sawyer, the owner of the pizza shop down the street (played by Chandler Massey). They had a romantic meeting many years ago, and when they see each other again, it’s awkward at first. But as they both decide to move on with their lives and forget about the past, their strong bond comes back to life.

Yet, time is not on their side, as Juniper’s stay in Mystic is only temporary, and Sawyer is adamant about remaining in his hometown to run his beloved pizza shop despite harboring dreams beyond. Through their emotional journey, Juniper’s commitment to her role, her interns, and the town’s supportive community gradually anchors her spirit to Mystic. She soon finds herself embracing the holiday spirit and questioning her once unshakable plans for the future.

Juniper’s transformative experience inspires Sawyer to chase his lifelong dreams, while Mystic, with its warm-hearted inhabitants, teaches Juniper the true meaning of belonging to a close-knit community.

Release Date and Time

Mystic Christmas is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, October 28, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET, creating the perfect ambiance for a heartwarming holiday experience.

Where to Watch

To witness the magic of Mystic Christmas, tune in to the Hallmark channel on October 28. Prepare to be captured by the heartwarming story of Juniper, Sawyer, and the enchanting village of Mystic, Connecticut.

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Watch the trailer here

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