The Zodiac Killer has intrigued true crime lovers and conspiracy theorists for decades. However, a docuseries called “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” challenges the very existence of this notorious serial killer. The series explores the theory that the Zodiac Killer never existed and that the murders and letters were the work of a hoaxer.

The series is co-produced by Andrew Nock and Thomas Horan, an English professor and amateur detective. “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” ventures into uncharted territory, challenging the conventional wisdom surrounding one of America’s most notorious cold cases. Through the lens of Thomas Horan’s theory, the docuseries offers a fresh perspective on the Zodiac Killer’s existence, raising intriguing questions that demand exploration. The series features interviews with Horan, as well as with other experts on the Zodiac case. It also includes footage of the crime scenes and the killer’s letters.

What is the docuseries about?

The documentary “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” is about the theory which says the Zodiac Killer was never a real person and it was a fictional character. The theory also suggests that the murders and letters were the work of a hoaxer. The person behind this theory is English professor Thomas Horan. He has been investigating the Zodiac case for more than 20 years.

Horan believes that the Zodiac Killer is a fictional character and he is a literary invention. He argues that the killer’s letters were full of literary references and were written to create a sense of terror and mystery.

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Horan also points out that the Zodiac Killer’s identity was never conclusively established. The killer’s letters contained coded messages, which have never been deciphered. Horan believes that the killer never intended for the messages to be deciphered and that they were simply a way to keep the public’s attention.

The documentary “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” presents Horan’s theory in a comprehensive and well-argued way. The documentary also features interviews with other experts on the Zodiac case, including handwriting analysts, codebreakers, and investigators.

The Theory Behind Myth of the Zodiac Killer:

In the first episode of “Myth of the Zodiac Killer,” director Andrew Nock introduces us to Thomas Horan, an amateur investigator and English teacher who believes that the Zodiac Killer never existed. According to Horan’s conspiracy theory, the unidentified serial killer was a literary invention, and the cryptic letters attributed to the Zodiac Killer were merely a hoax with no connection to the actual murders.

Horan’s theory challenges the established narrative surrounding the Zodiac Killer, which suggests that the killer operated in Northern California during the late 1960s and claimed the lives of seven victims. However, it’s important to note that the alleged killer boasted of committing 37 murders through a series of coded letters sent to regional reporters.

Episodes Listing:

Episode 1: The Hoax Theory

This episode introduces the theory that the Zodiac Killer never existed. It also states that the murders and letters were the work of a hoaxer. It features interviews with Thomas Horan, the English professor who developed the theory, and other experts on the Zodiac case.

Episode 2: Breaking the Mythology

This episode examines the evidence for and against the hoax theory. Moreover, it includes interviews with handwriting experts, codebreakers, and other Zodiac case investigators.

The Zodiac Killer in Pop Culture

In 2007, director David Fincher brought the mysterious killer to the silver screen with the movie “Zodiac,” starring Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., and Jake Gyllenhaal. Fincher’s film explored the murders and the accompanying cryptic letters, which influenced subsequent investigations.

Furthermore, the Zodiac Killer’s infamy extended beyond California’s borders. The New York Zodiac Killer, an alleged copycat, terrorized New York City from 1990 to 1993. This serial killer, linked to nine victims, claimed to draw inspiration from astrology when selecting targets. In fact, the crimes committed by the New York Zodiac Killer bear striking similarities to those attributed to the original Zodiac Killer.

Myth of the Zodiac Killer Release Date :

The release date for “Myth of the Zodiac Killer” is July 11, 2023. All episodes were released at the same time, at 5 AM ET or 2 AM PT.

Where to Watch Myth of the Zodiac Killer?

The docuseries is available on Peacock, the popular streaming platform. To access the series, subscribe to Peacock, which subsequently offers various plans to suit different preferences and budgets.

Is there a trailer for Myth of the Zodiac Killer?

Yes, there’s a trailer for the series, which was uploaded on the Peacock YouTube channel on June 27th. You can watch it below.

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