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The 50 Best Films Of 2017

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The 50 Best Films Of 2017

These are those 50 Films of 2017 that in some way have seeped into my life as the ones I would like to keep in my memory. The ones that have left me with something to ponder upon. Something to hold close and think about. And something that I will need every now and again.

50. Arrhythmia | Director: Boris Khlebnikov | Language: Russian

Quite reminiscent of Derek Cianfrance’s “Blue Valentine”, “Arrhythmia” explores why people who deeply & truly love each other, face the loss of understanding that brought them together in the first place. Yes, there’s a social subtext about what goes around medical units that don’t comply humanistic approvals, but Khlebnikov’s complete focus remains on the half-dead heart that Oleg & Katya share with each other.

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