In Netflix’s newest anime adaptation, Yusuke and his friends are brought to life by the brilliant Yu Yu Hakusho cast. Yu Yu Hakusho was based on a manga by Yoshihiro Togashi. It was one of the best and most important cartoons of its time. The fights in Yu Yu Hakusho are great, but the characters are what really made the book and anime stand out.

The Japanese Yu Yu Hakusho series covers a large part of the anime in five episodes. Just Like the anime, Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho is mostly about Yusuke Urameshi, but it has a lot of other characters as well. As Yusuke grows up and becomes a Spirit Detective, he meets both new friends and old enemies. You might get confused between the characters if you are watching it for the first time. Do not worry, we are here to explain you the cast and characters of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho Cast & Character Explained

Takumi Kitamura as Yusuke Urameshi

Takumi Kitamura, who plays the charming 17-year-old Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi, is at the center of this highly interesting story. Kitamura brings new life to the character whose voice was first done by Nozomu Sasaki. He is known for his parts in Tokyo Revengers 2: Blood Halloween Parts 1 and 2 and Don’t Call It Mystery. Yusuke’s journey is at the heart of this live-action version, which explores life, death, and the supernatural in a complex way.

Shuhei Uesugi as Kazuma Kuwabara

Shuhei Uesugi plays Kazuma Kuwabara, Yusuke’s friend who seems tough but is actually very caring. Uesugi does a great job of bringing Kuwabara’s journey of making friends and finding out who she is to life. As Yusuke’s self-proclaimed rival, Kuwabara is an important figure because of his high Spiritual Awareness and unwavering loyalty. Uesugi’s performance is similar to Shigeru Chiba’s original voice work, which will please anime fans while giving the character new depth.

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Kanata Hongō’s as Hiei

Hiei, played by Kanata Hongō, starts out as a bad guy, which makes her transformation all the more interesting in the live-action version. Hongō, who is known for his parts in Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar, masterfully shows Hiei’s difficult change from bad guy to good guy. This change is similar to how Nobuyuki Hiyama originally portrayed Hiei. It captures the spirit of Hiei’s mysterious character and makes Yusuke feel closer to him than they thought they would.

Jun Shison as Kurama

Jun Shison takes on the mysterious role of Kurama, a yokai with an interesting past. Kurama’s goals change in surprising ways as he takes care of rare objects. Megumi Ogata’s original speech work fits well with Shison’s performance, which delves into the complicated balance between Kurama’s human and yokai roots. Putting Kurama’s spirit together with a child’s adds another level of depth, making the relationship between the characters more interesting and touching.

Kotone Furukawa as Botan

Botan, played by Kotone Furukawa, is the main character and Yusuke’s teacher and guide. As with Megumi Ogata’s original voice work, Furukawa’s acting shows respect for how complicated the character is. Botan is an important character who connects the Spirit World to the real world. He gives the story more meaning by being a link between the supernatural and the real world.

Keita Machida as Koenma

Kazuya Machida, who plays King Enma Jr., gives the part of Koenma a sense of authority. Koenma, who rules the Spirit World, gives Yusuke tasks that move the story along. Machida is known for his part as Karube in Alice in Borderland. His performance matches how the character changes from a toddler with a pacifier to a tough adult. Machida’s commanding performance brings Mayumi Tanaka’s original speech work to life, making the live-action version better.


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Sei Shiraishi as Keiko

Keiko, Yusuke’s connection to real life, played by Sei Shiraishi, gives the story more emotional depth. Shiraishi shows how Keiko, Yusuke’s best friend, has always been there for him and played a key part in his recovery. Shiraishi’s acting makes this character more important, from the fact that they grew up together to Keiko’s big effect on Yusuke’s return.

Meiko Kaji as Genkai

In the world of mentors, Meiko Kaji takes on the role of Genkai, the powerful trainer who shapes the destiny of Yusuke. Kaji, who is known for her many roles in movies like Lady Snowblood, gives Genkai’s character weight. This live-action version changes the original competition plot by having Genkai accept Yusuke and Kuwabara as apprentices, which is a new twist on her role. Genkai’s acting by Kaji makes her more interesting, and she becomes an important part of Yusuke’s journey.

Go Ayano as Younger Toguro

Younger Toguro, played by Go Ayano, becomes a powerful force in Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho as the main villain. Ayano’s portrayal of Toguro as a mercenary driven by the chase of worthy opponents gives the character more depth. With the help of computer graphics, Toguro’s fighting form comes to life, making a stunning visual picture of this dangerous enemy.

Ai Mikami as Yukina

Ai Mikami plays Yukina, a yokai whose tears can turn into precious pearls, adding a mysterious element to the story. Mikami’s performance shows how weak Yukina is, which makes her a target for people who want to use her skills for bad. As Yukina’s friendship with Hiei develops, Mikami’s performance makes this interesting side story more emotional.

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