No Censor cuts for Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Indian Release

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Censor

Indian cine lovers have a moment of glory as they Skiddle to the movie theatres this Thursday. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) – which has been known to do more than just certify films has shown signs of relief. The year’s post the Pahlaj Nihalani era have thankfully seen a make-shift in how audiences see movies. Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – His second last film before retirement is coming to Indian theatres without any cuts from the censor lord.

Everyone knows that a Tarantino film is never going to simply go out with a PG-13 tag. In his ninth film, after the chamber pieces ‘The Hateful Eight’ back in 2015Tarantino is re-teaming with Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt. Set in 60s Los-Angeles, the film tackles the Manson Family Murders as a slight backdrop. We all, however, know that since it’s a QT at the helm, we can expect some rewriting history with the ink of film.

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We all know that QT loves the occasional ‘fucks’ in his film. So if a cinephile doesn’t get to hear his well-written dialogues, it can be claimed as a crime. The Indian censor board has been known to butcher films mercilessly. However, when it comes to the final censor print of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood not much has been left out. In fact, leads have confirmed that only the word ‘ass’ has been beeped two times. The rest of the film – Including the 300+ fucks have been left intact.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has shattered a lot of box office records back in the US. The Indian release was much anticipated because of the huge following of both it’s lead stars. While the film has gotten universal acclaim from prominent film critics around the world, our very own Rocco Thompson wasn’t exactly gaga over Tarantino’s version of Hollywood in the 60s. In his review, he mentioned that ” For Tarantino, Sharon Tate is  not so much a person, but a sacrificial lamb cut down by hairy young people with hairier morals; a symbol of those All-American values the Westerns were always yee-hawing about who was destroyed by some kids who weren’t deluded victims themselves, but just a bunch of bad apples out to spoil the bunch.  Many filmmakers have mishandled Sharon Tate’s story, but only Tarantino has made her into a spectator and damsel in a conservative male power fantasy, which somehow stands out as the most insulting thing the famously controversial filmmaker has ever managed to do.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is censor-free and will be releasing in India on 15th August 2019. Book your tickets here
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