The Limits Of Control [2009] : Saving Creativity!

The point of the film, however, isn’t about a conspiracy, a strange protagonist who never sleep or the disjointed characters that he meets, it’s just a testament to all the creators of the world. A presumptuous and stupendous representation of the importance of art, science, and everything that connects creativity to the world in general. I suppose the film tries to contradict the idea of existential decay in every individual. It follows the philosophy that creating art is even more important than the political bureaucracy that the world sustains.

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Fallen Angels [1995]: The Art Of Longing

Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels (1995) is one of his most underrated films. Raw and grainy, in its literal and figurative sense, it provides an insight into the beginnings of a mind that gave us the smooth and sentimental In The Mood For Love (2001). The maturity with which the latter film dealt with the emotion of longing and heartache came from a far more aggressive and painful portrayal of the same in the earlier movie, and I believe this transition is proof that artistic trademarks can be reborn again and again.

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