The Brand New Testament [2015]: “Divine Intervention”

Humor and mockery, there is a fine line between these two and in history of any form of art where humor is an objective for the artist, there has been occasions where the artist failed to make the dichotomy between humor and mockery quite distinct. The line often becomes blurred for many; and therein lie the beauty and novelty of one artist who manages to provide pure humor though the subject of his work appears to take the form mockery. Belgian filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael displays that rare talent of humor in his film The Brand New Testament.

Our Little Sister [2015] Review: A Marvelous Addition to Kore-eda’s Brand of Humanist Cinema

The Japanese master of modern family dramas, Hirokazu Kore-eda, in the past two decades has created a body of work that gracefully and subtly explores the fascinating private worlds of emotionally vulnerable individuals. Since Kore-eda fleshes out his emotionally complex characters without employing high-strung drama, his works may disappoint those expecting neatly aligned conflicts and respective resolutions.

Polytechnique [2009]: A Ponderous Glimpse into the Layers of Misogyny

“Polytechnique” is a hard film to watch because Villeneuve (and co-writer Jacques Davidts), not only makes us to sit through an atmosphere, drenched with dread and grief, but also employs his profound artistry to coerce the viewer to patiently contemplate on the unspoken things in the narrative. Often the director infuses moments of dislocation, devoid of sound, to offer subtle commentary.

Zootopia [2016] : Animalistic tendencies!

Move away cutesy films with dance numbers where the princess has to kiss the frog to make things right. Disney has finally made a film that doesn’t have to hide behind a white inflated toy. Here’s a film that, in spite of its very similar premise, reinvents ideas and takes imagination to la la land. Zootopia will be hated by that racist friend of yours who’s busy making internet memes because life hasn’t told him to believe in himself yet. The film take you to a journey of self-discovery, while accounting important grounds about race differences in a world where superiority and inferiority should just be words in a dictionary and nothing more.

Southbound (2015): The Ride of Atonement

Southbound brings the incredible talent of intermixing 5 stories into one with an anti-climax that leaves you in the same state as most of the film’s characters. It’s the type of horror film that makes you wish that you never find or see the regrets running after you. Yes! Even when your car works on all cylinders. It’s that rare kind of film that leaves you hanging around the characters who know that going round in circles isn’t going to help because the highway will bring you back and the devil will chase you down, no matter what.

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