Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation [2015] Review: Hunt or Be Hunted

After watching the MI films now and again I have come to a conclusion that I would definitely love the Mission Impossible films more if they had their heart in the right place. The films have come to a point where even the characters have accepted the fact that Ethan Hunt is indestructible. He can breathe under water for more than 3 minutes, have a car crash of a lifetime and still pick himself up and ride his bike like a fucking maniac. I mean, I know he is a trained agent but then again, even James Bond gets his balls sacked once and again.

Drishyam [2015] Review : Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Threats

If this is your first time around with ‘The Visuals’ (Drishyam) I strongly recommend you to go in with a clean slate. Don’t let the trailers, synopsis and every random social media update like this one spoil the film for you. For those of you, who still don’t trust the story: Read On!

This film can be a remake, a copy or even a rip-off but there is such immortal power in the wonderful story by Jeetu Joseph that even with any star, with any kind of direction – the progressive, humanized and culturally significant version of The Devotion of Suspect X, saving Family Y, defending them against System Z will always be crystal clear.

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