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Hail, Caesar! (2016): A Hilarious Faux Pas on Hollywood

Hail, Caesar! (2016) gleefully pokes fun at the faux wholesome images that the Hollywood movers and shakers tried to set forth for their clients while at the same time highlighting the remarkable talents and abilities that made them so great in the first place.

The New Girlfriend [2015]: A pyschosexual exploration of Friendship!

Above all the perversity that surrounds The New Girlfriend, which takes things way over the top in the later half, Ozon manages to make those themes seem quite alright as he maintains a very subtle, delicious and often humorous tone. The film shows how the needs of people are often more complicated than they make them out to be. The darker side of things have been jumbled up with real emotions of longing, grief and the dire need of being a real person. While the film is about gender confusion in all its forms, The New Girlfriend is basically an exploration of Friendship and the feeling that it gives you. The feeling that is often greater than the friendship you are in.

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45 Years (2015): An Explicit Relationship with Memories

’45 years’ appears to be a simplistic marital drama but at its core, it is a complex character study. There are two central characters, Kate and Geoff, an old couple, married for 45 years. On one of their regular Monday mornings, a piece of news comes in form of a letter that the folks in Switzerland have found the body of Katya. The Husband’s love interest before marriage.

99 Homes [2015] : The Men Who Knock

Director Ramin Bahrani with well-crafted films like “Man Push a Cart” & “Chop Shop” explored the lives of pariahs, dejected from increasingly enclosed socio-economic structure. However, with “99 Homes”, he has tried to build a portrait of an outsider being enamored by the priviliges of belonging to a top-grade class.

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