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I Wish [2011] Review : A Heartfelt Tale of Two Siblings

As much as “I wish” benefits from everything accounting, it benefits most from the splendid performance by the kids and adults alike,and its writing & direction by Hirokazu. What is even more commendable that all the kids perform oblivious to the fact that cameras are around them. Hirokazu seems have written the small episodic stories and fused them together seamlessly that constructs to form a single entity at the end. O

10 Great Films High On Films Recommends: 3rd Edition

As one of the Angulo Brothers says Mr. Blonde’s lines while they were enacting the whole climax of Reservoir Dogs, my first reaction to it was exactly like Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction when he was told that hash is legal in Amsterdam, “oh man, I am going” he said out of excitement, I was almost that excited. Here are the 10 films that made it to the 3rd edition of our ‘HOF-Men Recommend’ Series. You can check out the 1st and 2nd Edition at the end of this post.

Signs of Life [1968]: Windmills of Herzog’s Mind

Werner Herzog, along with Wim Wenders and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, is one the most successful and internationally recognized filmmakers of the New German Cinema. Two things helped Herzog to kick start his experiments with filmmaking; an encyclopaedia entry about film making which he stumbled upon at the age of 14 and the 35mm movie camera he stole from the Munich Film School. Herzog’s films are known for having a driven protagonist who are on the verge of madness, and that begun with his very first film.

Toni Servillo sitting in yellow suit and pondering. Film - The Great Beauty

The Great Beauty [2013]: Life and Lies

Riot of beguiling imagery that switches between past and present, gorgeous and grotesque, ‘The Great Beauty(La grande bellezza)’ is a wondrous journey through Rome that is enthralling and creepy in equal measure. Paolo Sorrentino scrupulously tries to reinvent Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita with his immersive sense of direction that strips down the Rome to show superficiality and hollowness amidst its alluring visuals that are hard to take eyes off.

The Martian (2015): Gravity meets Cast Away

Given that Ridley Scott resume consists of two of the greatest Sci-Fi thrillers, Blade Runner & Alien; epic & grandeur films like Gladiator & American Gangster; disastrous epics like Exodus & The Counselor; The Martian (2015) falls somewhere in the middle which comes as a commercially viable Sci-Fi film for all age group that educates you on science well enough to make it sound smarter & cooler.

Paper Towns

Paper Towns [2015] Review: To Fake towns and beyond!

Jake Schreier, who directed the fabulous little indie called Robot & Frank has dived into the famous John Green book and has successfully proselytized the prophecy that the world is beyond attraction and love, even though we always stumble across them and probably get into them till we get there. Paper Towns is a coming-of-age film that doesn’t get it right always, but when it does it transcends the message across quite evidently. I haven’t read the book so I’ll just throw out what’s out there.

Bakita Byaktigato [2013] Review: Of fantasy and Realism..

How would you react if you were told that there exists a parallel world, along with yours, which is only far better, happier than the world you live in; and there is some sort of magical portal to reach it? Would you believe it? Do you, in general, believe in magic realism or parallel universe or alternative reality? How do you, in fact, draw a line between imagination and reality?

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