Past Lives Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Movie – The beautiful music in “Past Lives,” a movie that moves easily between time and feeling, is at the heart of its visual appeal. As soon as the curtains go up, the soft tunes written by Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear and the skilled singer-songwriter Daniel Rossen draw the audience in. 

The eerie song “Quiet Eyes” by Sharon Van Etten and a beautiful mix of instrumental tracks make the soundtrack more than just background music; it becomes an important part of the touching story of love, loss, and finding yourself again. Below, you will find the complete Past Lives Soundtrack.

What is the movie about?

“Past Lives” opens in the city of Seoul, South Korea, in the year 2000. It tells the story of how Na Young and Hae Sung, two 12-year-old classmates, meet by chance and become friends, but their friendship grows into something more. But fate steps in, and Na Young’s family moves to Toronto, which destroys their growing link in the mists of time. Twelve years later, Hae Sung has finished his military service, and Nora, who used to be called Na Young, is navigating the busy streets of New York City. 

Their past comes back to life when they make a random find on social media. This sets off a chain of virtual meetings and missed chances. Even though life is full of ups and downs, new relationships and old wounds heal, creating a rainbow of feelings that spans countries and decades.

Past Lives Soundtrack: All Songs Featured in the Movie

Bear and Rossen set out on a musical journey, giving each note the spirit of changing times and strong emotions. The music in the movie, from the dreamy sounds of “If You Leave Something Behind” to the sad echoes of “I Remember You,” is like a musical fabric that shows how the characters move through time and place. 

Using a symphony of cellos and keys, the team created a soundscape that leads the listener through scenes of conversation across continents and quiet moments of self-discovery. Even though they worked from different places, their partnership grew, and the result is a carefully chosen group of tracks that bring the story of the movie to life. Check out the “Past Lives” Soundtrack below.

Complete Tracklist:

  • “If You Leave Something Behind”
  • “Crossing”
  • “You Gain Something Too”
  • “Do You Remember Me”
  • “I Remember You”
  • “Across the Ocean”
  • “Crossing II”
  • “In Yun”
  • “We Live Here”
  • “Why Are You Going to New York”
  • “Staring at a Ghost”
  • “Bedroom”
  • “An Immigrant and a Tourist”
  • “Eight Thousand Layers”
  • “See You”
  • “Quiet Eyes” (Sharon Van Etten)

As the credits roll, the sound of “Quiet Eyes” can still be heard. “Past Lives” is a great example of how music can change the way a story is told. The soundtrack’s haunting tunes and moving lyrics take listeners on an adventure through time that is about love, loss, and the hope that comes with a second chance. When we watch movies, the words and pictures fade, but the music stays with us and becomes a part of our memories.

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