Power Book III (Season 3) Episode 2 Preview: In Sascha Penn’s Raising Kanan, the fallout of the second season finale sets the stage for an exciting story. Raquel “Raq” Thomas, Kanan’s drug lord mother, is healing in the hospital from being shot. But her illness is nothing compared to the problems that are happening in her broken family.

MeKai Curtis plays Kanan, who is having a hard time with finding out how he really is connected to Detective Malcolm Howard (Omar Epps). Truth puts a strain on the relationship between mother and son, making Kanan emotionally pull away. Kanan chooses a less fancy place to live with his best friend Famous (played by Antonio Ortiz) instead of moving into Raq’s new neighborhood home, which is more comfortable. Season 3 episode 1 was amazing and left a lot of questions in our minds. Check out a quick recap of the first episode and read till the end to know what you can expect from Power Book III (Season 3) Episode 2.

What happened in Power Book III (Season 3) Episode 1?

Episode 1 Home Sweet Home

  • Season three picks up immediately after the Mafia attack on Raq and Marvin.
  • Raq and Marvin, recovering from gunshot injuries, concoct a story blaming the deceased Crown Camacho to mislead investigators.
  • The police question Raq and Marvin about the shooting.
  • Kanan and Lou-Lou grapple with emotional pain. Kanan discovers Raq lied about his father, leading to a loss of trust.
  • Lou-Lou, burdened by guilt and frustration, learns that Scrappy was wrongly killed in season two.
  • Raq refuses to let Lou-Lou leave the drug game to pursue his dream of a record label.
  • Detective Howard kills Detective Burke to protect Raq and Kanan, as Burke had uncovered Howard’s past.
  • Marvin and Jukebox work on repairing their relationship while grieving the death of Kenya, Jukebox’s mother.
  • Unique’s brother Ronnie is released from prison, and a surprising sex scene between Unique and Raq concludes the first episode of season three.

Where can I stream Power Book III (Season 3) Episode 2?

You can watch Power Book III (Season 3) Episode 2 on Starz, Starz.com, and the Starz app.

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Release date & time:

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3, Episode 2 will be released on Friday, December 8th, 2023 at 9:00 PM ET on Starz.

What to expect from Power Book III (Season 3) Episode 2?

Episode 1 left a few questions in all our minds and we think the next episode is going to clear some points about that. We mostly expect the following points to play major roles in the upcoming episode.

  • At the start of the season, it looks like Raq and Kanan’s relationship is broken beyond repair.
  • Detective Howard’s proof that Kanan is his son has broken Raq and Kanan’s trust in each other.
  • Wanting some space, Kanan decides to stay with Famous for a short time, making it clear that he wants to stay away from his mother’s new life.
  • Raq, who was shot in the previous season and is still healing, says she is leaving the drug game.
  • She changes her mind and decides that the possible benefits of the drug trade are not worth the risks.
  • The episode looks at Raq’s decision to stay away from the dangerous world she used to live in.
  • Kenya, Jukebox’s real mother, died in a terrible ambush at Raq’s house in the season two finale.
  • The death of Kenya is what makes Marvin and Jukebox turn to each other for help as they deal with their grief.
  • The emotional hug that Marvin and Jukebox shared suggests that, even though their relationships with Kenya were broken, her death might be what pulls them together.

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