Quentin Tarantino’s Final movie: Quentin Tarantino is easily one of the most popular film directors working today. With a fascinating body of work ranging from Palme d’Or winning Pulp Fiction to Reservoir Dogs, from Inglorious Bastards to Django Unchained, he is revered all over the world.

However, this beloved writer-director has finally decided to say goodbye to his illustrious career with a movie, reportedly titled ‘The Movie Critic’ according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is rumored to revolve around the life of the late film critic Pauline Kael and is expected to be set in 1970s LA.

Kael’s contribution to the rise of the New Hollywood Wave is unparalleled. While the older bunch of critics panned Bonny and Clyde, she gave it high praise and kept motivating such new, bright voices coming out of Hollywood.

Besides that, she also battled the stigma of not being taken seriously for being a female critic. Apart from film criticism, she was also briefly associated with the Paramount studio as a consultant in her later years.

Quentin Tarantino’s admiration for 1970s filmmakers is evident from his numerous interviews and writings. So his interest in Pauline Kael’s work does not seem unusual. In fact, he has also voiced it through his book of essays titled ‘Cinema Speculation.’

While the director’s fans would like to see him keep working for years and years, he announced in 2012 that he would stop making films after making his 10th movie and retire by the time he turns 60 years old. He believes that a director’s ideas can seem outdated after a certain age. So, instead of leaving a couple of bad films in his filmography, he wants to be remembered through a string of great works.

Considering both parts of Kill Bill as a single film, he has directed nine films. Once Upon a time in America was his previous work, which also received wide critical acclaim. So this final movie is bound to create intrigue

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