The trailer for the Thai love comedy “Ready, Set, Love” is out, and it looks like a lot of fun. The show, which is directed by Yanyong Kuruangkura (“App War,” “Mother Gamer,” “Back to the 90s”), is a mix of romance and comedy with an interesting game show idea set in a different world. In a strange world where there are fewer men than women, women compete on a government-run game show to find the right gentleman.

Known for his work in romantic comedies, Yanyong Kuruangkura helms “Ready, Set, Love.” With a repertoire including “Mother Gamer” and “App War,” Kuruangkura sheds light on the inspiration behind the six-episode series. He said,  “I like to come up with plots that revolve around the what-ifs. The current trend of the female population surpassing males is an interesting topic that can be explored in many fun ways, which I’ve made into a rom-com series so that it’s more accessible.”

So, here’s everything you need to know about “Ready, Set, Love.”

Ready, Set, Love Cast & Characters Explained

Pongtiwat “Blue” Tangwancharoen as Son

Son is one of the main characters in the love comedy “Ready, Set, Love,” and Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen plays him. Son is one of the most important characters in the series, and his performance captures the heart of the story by showing how love and relationships work in a different world.

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Trisanu “Man” Soranun

The part of “Man” in “Ready, Set, Love” is played by Trisanu Soranun. As a member of the ensemble group, Man adds to the dynamic interplay of characters and stories, showing fans how different points of view shape the story as it unfolds.

Nichapalak “Lilly” Thongkham

Lilly is a character that is very important to “Ready, Set, Love,” and Nichapalak Thongkham plays her. As Lilly, Thongkham gives this love comedy more depth and complexity by giving nuanced performances and interesting character dynamics.

Paladesh’s Day

Day, played by Kemisara “Belle” Paladesh, is one of the most important characters in “Ready, Set, Love.” At the center of the story, Day’s trip takes place against the interesting idea of the game show, giving viewers a relatable and compelling look at love and self-discovery.

Natthaweeranuch Thongmee, Panadda Wongphudee, Trisanu Soranun, and Jaytiya Naiwattanakul

The supporting actors in “Ready, Set, Love” are Natthaweeranuch Thongmee, Panadda Wongphudee, Trisanu Soranun, and Jaytiya Naiwattanakul. They play roles that give the story more depth and variety. Each actor brings their own skills and style to their part, which makes the watching experience better for everyone around the world.


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Release Date

The release date of “Ready, Set, Love” is February 15, 2024.


The series navigates a world where women dominate and men are esteemed as “national treasures.” In this parallel realm, the government sponsors a game show named “Ready, Set, Love,” where women compete for men’s affection. Day (Kemisara “Belle” Paladesh), an ordinary woman, unexpectedly secures a spot in this competition. Despite initial reservations, she dives in and encounters Son (Pongtiwat “Blue” Tangwancharoen), one of the five bachelors, unraveling a tale of love with a twist.

To conceptualize everyday scenarios within such a context, director Yanyong relies on creative art direction to infuse the series with a unique flair. “What would cars be like? What attitudes would people have? We thought through all these carefully and visualized them in a way that’s distinctive and appealing, resulting in a vibrant and colorful rom-com, where every element in each scene has a meaning behind it.”

Beyond the realms of light-hearted romance and comedy, the six-episode series harbors layers of mystery and conspiracy, exploring themes of freedom and feminism. “When you watch “Ready, Set, Love,” you’ll understand that freedom allows us to do whatever we want. We can love anyone, and we can be any gender,” he emphasizes. While these elements enrich the narrative, Yanyong underscores the primary objective of entertainment. He said, “I want the audience to enjoy the series. Our intention is to make something that’s really fun to watch.”

Where to Watch Ready, Set, Love?

You can watch “Ready, Set, Love” exclusively on Netflix, starting on a captivating journey through love, laughter, and intrigue.

Episodes Listing

Currently, there is no information available for the episodes.

Watch the trailer here

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