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3 Recommended Movies For Cricket Lovers

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Cricket is a very thrilling sport and it won’t be wrong to say that Indians consider cricket more than just a sport and it flows through their veins like blood! If you’re a true cricket enthusiast like many of us, you must’ve stayed hooked to your TV following every single cricket match being played across the world. To give you a break from watching live cricket, here are some movies that you can watch regarding the game you are so passionate about:

1. Lagaan

This film brilliantly portrays the passion of cricket Indians possess and takes you to a pre-partition era where the people of a small village have to win a cricket match against their British rulers to get their demands fulfilled. Don’t wait, and watch Lagaan on Netflix right now.

2. M.S.Dhoni- The Untold Story

Being a cricket lover in this age means having watched and admired Dhoni as a legendary player and visionary team captain since your childhood. This movie is a treat for such people as it gives an amazing biography of M.S.Dhoni’s exceptional life.

3. Iqbal

This inspirational and moving film depicts the struggle of a deaf and mute child whose immense love for cricket leads him to dream of joining the Indian Cricket Team. To not let his condition come in the way, he asks a retired player to train him to success.

Cricket is a fantastic sport that enthralls people of all ages and genders. If cricket is such a big part of your life, there are other cricket-related activities that you can enjoy as well. Playing cricket in streets and stadiums, and watching cricket matches are the fundamental hobbies that every cricket fan pursues throughout their lives. As technological advancements took place, cricket lovers got the chance to play cricket online as well and compete with other players from around the world. This also allowed them to get introduced to a greater range of game types, rules, and playing techniques. If you’re interested in playing cricket online as well, you can start playing at Free Cricket Games right now!

Another brilliant and innovative way to stay in touch with the cricket-loving community online and to quench your thirst for this sport is to participate in the Cricket Betting Games online. Online betting is an up-and-coming field that has piqued the interest of young cricket enthusiasts as it makes use of your cricket knowledge and experience, and gives you bonuses and rewards! All you have to do is find a well-known and credible online cricket betting website or app, and register yourself. If you are new to this field, you can start by learning about placing bets and the different types of cricket games being played online. You can acquire a great deal of information on this subject on sites like Cricket Betting Tips, where one can find useful info for beginners as well as experienced cricketers. So wait no more and put your passion for cricket to good use!

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