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How to Write a Reflection Paper on a Movie

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Students have to write a great variety of academic papers. They have various purposes, and it makes them unique. A certain piece may become your favorite assignment of the worst nightmare. Some students struggle with writing a reflection paper on a movie. It demands to clearly explain the main purpose and the general atmosphere of a certain piece of cinematography. You should focus on a certain motif that has provoked certain feelings and emotions in you. The task is surely interesting.

In the meanwhile, students may not be able to clearly reflect their thoughts on paper. Even if they understand everything, they struggle, and it inevitably leads to a loss of vital grades. Some folks request professional help from custom writing websites whose experts may write papers for you. For sure, you will need to find and pay someone online. However, you should not consider this solution as the common way out. It can be used when you don’t have any other possibility to handle this and other academic tasks. Therefore, we propose to read this informative guide attentively. It describes how to write a flawless reflection paper on a movie.

Treat It as a Literature Piece

You have surely written multiple reflection papers on books, literary analyses, book reports, and reviews. They are quite similar to a reflection paper on a movie. You should reconsider everything you have seen on the screen. However, a reflection project differs a bit. You should not retell the entire plot. The main task is to choose one theme and stick to it.

For example, you have chosen to reflect Joan Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The movie involves various themes, and the theme of love is one of them. You can choose it as your topic. The theme of love is regularly met in most literature pieces and movies. It is “eternal,” and people always discuss how and why it appears, as well as what does it mean.
According to the movie, the love of Harry’s mother had rescued his life when he was only 1 year old. It has destroyed the body of an evil wizard called Voldemort. As Harry turned 11, he faced the wizard once again, and though his mother died, her love rescued him again. The evil wizard felt no love at all, and it was his greatest weakness that did not allow him to prevail. You can reflect on the feelings and emotions you felt when the theme of love appeared in the movie.

Watch It

Of course, you ought to watch the movie at least once. It’s good if you are allowed to choose what movie to describe. You may choose any well-known piece because you know everything about it. In case you are assigned a movie, you should find time to watch it.

It’s not easy to comprehend everything from a single review. If you have additional time, watch it at least twice. Focus on a concrete topic and develop it in your reflection paper.

Take Notes Instantly

A smart student always takes instant notes on the matter. Not all students have a good memory, and even the best of us may forget about something vital. The outcomes may be adverse, and the lacking element may deprive you of many grades. Therefore, take notes while you watch the movie.

Sometimes it is very hard to remember what feelings you experienced during the review. Their brightness withers away, and your reflection may lack reality and fullness. If you record them instantly, you will avoid this problem

Writing Papers.

Gather All the Possible Facts on the Topic

It’s vital to do some research. This common rule is applied to any scientifically-based project. However, a movie reflection paper is not a reflection of the entire story. Some unknown facts may shed more light on the motif you have chosen. Give heed to –

The cast;
Historic events;
Characters of the main heroes;
Critics, etc.

Perhaps one actor refused to play the role, and his substitute wasn’t convincing. Thus, you may write: “If Anthony Hopkins played this role, the movie would have been much better because he perfectly shows empathy.” You may also write something like this: “Due to the historical period the movie involved, I’m not convinced that the motif of racial equality suits the plot.”

Do Not Repeat the Story

Many students repeat the same error – they retell the whole movie plot. We remind once again – a reflection paper on a movie focuses on a certain theme and does not retell the plot entirely. You can mention the scenes that are closely related to the chosen issue. You should not –

Retell the plot from the beginning to the end;

Pay attention to costume design;

Dwell upon music supervision;

Mention the lighting, visual support, etc.

Remember that you should avoid critique of the entire piece.

Have a Plan and Follow the Structure

It’s logical and effective to create an outline of your project. It makes you disciplined and organizes the whole process of writing.

The typical outline includes:

Introduction. The part where you familiarize your reader with the movie and explain why you have chosen a certain theme.

Main body. It develops the thesis statement, provides concrete examples from the movie, and justifies your choice.

Conclusion. Summarizes the job done and interprets the outcomes.

Additional tip: Set strict deadlines to control your time.

Edit and Proofread

The last stage of your reflection paper on a movie is to revise it several times. Thus, you increase the chance to avoid unwanted mistakes. A revision stage helps to check:

Word choice;
Plot development;
Clearness of delivery;
Readability, etc.

Keep in mind the tips and tricks we have mentioned in our informative guide on writing a reflection paper. They are universal and will surely suit whatever movie you need to reflect. Use them wisely, and you will sufficiently increase your chances to enjoy success and get an A+ grade.

Author: Sergey

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