The 2023 American crime action movie Reptile, directed by Grant Singer, tells a complicated story about a murder that no one can explain and the detective who has to solve it. This Netflix hit premiered on September 29, 2023, and has a star cast of Benicio del Toro, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Silverstone, Eric Bogosian, Ato Essandoh, Domenick Lombardozzi, and Michael Pitt. The movie’s thrilling plot and great acting left viewers in awe.

What is the movie about?

“Reptile” unfolds a baffling murder involving a young real estate agent and follows the detective’s convoluted journey in pursuit of the truth. The film takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of suspense, throwing unexpected twists and turns at every corner. As the movie’s synopsis suggests, nothing is as it seems in this crime thriller.

Where was ‘Reptile’ shot?: Filming Locations 

Atlanta, Georgia, emerges as the primary backdrop for Grant Singer’s “Reptile.” The filming journey began in August 2021 and concluded in November of the same year. Despite the film’s narrative being set in Scarborough, Maine, the production team chose the bustling metropolis of Atlanta as the central filming location. Atlanta’s reputation as a film and television production hub played a pivotal role in this decision.

The meeting that Will has at the start of the movie was filmed at The Inn at Stone Mountain Park. The Alpharetta Cabernet Steakhouse is the eatery that shows up in two different scenes in the movie. The car that was damaged in a scene was shot at the corner of Brookdale and Westover Drives in Atlanta’s Peachtree Battle Alliance neighborhood.

Atlanta’s Cinematic Canvas

Several iconic locations in the Atlanta metropolitan area served as the canvas for “Reptile.” The Peachtree Battle Alliance neighborhood was the setting for important house scenes, while the Cabernet Steakhouse played a role in various restaurant sequences. The Inn at Stone Mountain Park was the backdrop for the conference scene featuring Justin Timberlake’s character, Will Grady. The Westview Abbey Mausoleum solemnly hosted Summer Elswick’s funeral, and Accuformance Motors made an appearance in one scene. The Bigelow’s nightclub location was used for the riveting sequence where Benicio del Toro’s Detective Tom Nichols and Ato Essandoh’s Dan Cleary interviewed Sky Ferreira’s Renee, the victim’s best friend.

Marietta, Georgia

In addition to Atlanta, the production team explored Marietta, Georgia, located just outside Atlanta, to capture key scenes. Marietta featured prominently as the location of the Manley Firm Law Offices, which doubled as the Grady Real Estate company offices where the victim, Summer Elswick, worked. The significance of this location in the film added depth to the storyline.


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A Glimpse of New England

While Atlanta served as the primary setting, the cast and crew of “Reptile” also ventured to select parts of New England to capture specific shots. Given that the film’s events transpire in Scarborough, Maine, it was only fitting to film exterior scenes in the Northeastern United States. Unfortunately, the precise New England locations used remain undisclosed. However, the crew likely visited Scarborough, Maine itself to add authenticity to the movie’s portrayal of the town.

The story of “Reptile” is fascinating enough, and the locations where it was filmed were carefully picked to make the viewing experience very real. Atlanta, Georgia, and Marietta, Georgia, were great places for filming because they were so dramatic, and some shots in New England added to the movie’s reality. Movie fans are still intrigued by the narrative in “Reptile,” and the settings used in the movie add another interesting layer to the story. This makes it a must-see for movie fans and people who are interested in the art of filmmaking.

Is ‘Reptile’ available to stream on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime Video? 

Reptile is currently available to stream on Netflix. It is not currently available on Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime Video.

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