Resident Alien Season 3, Episode 1 Preview: The much-anticipated return of “Resident Alien” to SyFy for a third season brings a wealth of fascinating stories, a large ensemble cast, and carefully built plots. Alan Tudyk, who is famous for his part in “Firefly,” plays an alien with the goal of destroying Earth in this unique drama. But fate steps in when he crashes and takes on the identity of Harry Vanderspeigle. As Harry gets used to living with people, he starts to deal with feelings he didn’t know he had before.

The most important part of the story is how Harry changes as he accepts his human side and makes real bonds with the people of Patience, Colorado. What happens is a lovely look at finding out about yourself and the complicated nature of human feelings set against the background of life in a small town. With season 3 ready, here’s the “Resident Alien” Season 3, Episode 1 Preview that covers everything you need to know.

What happened in Resident Alien Season 2?

  • Harry Vanderspeigle, the extraterrestrial stranded on Earth, grapples with giving up his mission to exterminate humanity and save his friends.
  • Harry sacrifices the chance to return home to save Max, who inadvertently causes their spaceship to crash again on Earth.
  • Asta helps Harry regain his memories and maintain his false identity, while Max assists him with extraterrestrial matters.
  • Harry receives a message from Goliath, a future version of himself, warning about Grey aliens planning to take over Earth through portal technology.
  • Joseph, a Grey/human hybrid, threatens Harry to leave Earth, but Harry refuses and sends his alien/human child, Bridget, to safety.
  • Harry joins forces with General McCallister to stop the Grey aliens, realizing the value of connecting with others.
  • D’Arcy learns of Harry’s extraterrestrial secret and helps him cover up the murder of the original town doctor committed by human Harry.
  • Sheriff Thompson pursues a romantic relationship with a neighboring town’s sheriff while Deputy Baker reassesses her encounters with UFOs.
  • Ben and Kate Hawthorne lose their unborn child to the Grey aliens, who later abduct Ben and reveal the fetus suspended in a tube.
  • A Grey/human hybrid becomes Sheriff Mike’s new deputy, setting the stage for various cliffhangers to be explored in the upcoming third season.

Where can I stream Resident Alien Season 3, Episode 1?

You can watch “Resident Alien” Season 3, Episode 1 on Peacock.

Release date & time:

The release date and time of “Resident Alien” season 3 episode 1 is February 14, 2024, at 10/9c.

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What to expect from Resident Alien Season 3, Episode 1?

Here’s what you can expect from Episode 1:

The episode is expected to continue Harry and General McCallister’s partnership, which they formed to fight the Greys’ impending attack. Their friendship is an important part of the story because it shows how united everyone needs to be to face the grave threat.

Chris Sheridan, the show’s creator, has said that even though the sci-fi parts are getting stronger, the story will still be about the people who live in the town of Patience. You can expect the episode to focus on how the people in the town connect and work together as things change.

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