Run Rabbit Run is a 2023 Australian psychological thriller film directed by Daina Reid and written by Hannah Kent, with Sarah Snook leading the cast. It follows Sarah, a fertility doctor who is struggling to come to terms with the disappearance of her sister, Alice. But something strange happens when her sister Alice disappears, and Sarah’s daughter Mia starts acting really weird. Sarah thinks that maybe Mia is being controlled by Alice’s ghost. Sarah has to figure out what’s going on and how to help Mia.

The film begins with Sarah celebrating her daughter Mia’s seventh birthday. The night of Mia’s birthday, they are joined by Peter, Mia’s father; Denise, Peter’s new partner, and Toby, Denise’s three-year-old son. While playing, Mia screams when Toby hits her on the head. Sarah angrily rebukes Toby and Denise, but Peter smooths things over. Later at night, Sarah attempts to send the rabbit over their garden wall, but it bites her. Sarah realizes that Mia saw her try to get rid of the rabbit. Starting the next morning, Mia’s behavior grows strange. The actors in the movie have played their roles excellently.

Run Rabbit Run Cast & Characters Explained:

Sarah Snook as Sarah

In “Run Rabbit Run,” Sarah Snook plays the role of Sarah. Sarah is a doctor who helps people have babies. In short, she’s a fertility doctor. She believes in something called “life and death,” meaning she thinks giving life to new babies is important. But then, something strange happens to her daughter, and Sarah has to think about what she believes.

Damon Herriman as Pete

Damon plays a character named Pete. Pete is in the movie to help tell the story and make it even more exciting. Pete is a mysterious stranger who arrives in town and befriends Sarah.

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Greta Scacchi as Joan

Run Rabbit Run Cast - Joan

Next, let’s talk about Greta Scacchi! In “Run Rabbit Run,” she’s Joan. Joan is an important part of the story and adds a lot of mystery to the movie. Joan is the mother of Sarah (Sarah Snook), and she has a complex and troubled relationship with her daughter. Joan’s role in the film is to represent the dark side of Sarah’s past. She is a reminder of Sarah’s own trauma, and she represents the possibility that Sarah could become like her.

Julia Davis as Gail

We have another fantastic actor to talk about! Julia Davis is someone who is really good at making people laugh and feel scared at the same time. Julia, as Gail, is a nurse that works at night. Gail is initially dismissive of Sarah’s concerns about her daughter, Mia (Lily LaTorre), but she eventually comes to believe that something is wrong.

Lily LaTorre as Mia

Last but not least, let’s talk about Lily LaTorre! Lily plays the role of Mia. Mia is Sarah Snook’s daughter in the movie, and she is the center of the film’s mystery. Mia starts to exhibit strange behavior after her seventh birthday, including claiming to be Sarah’s long-lost sister Alice.

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