Dylan Vox’s Sabotaging the Squad is a 2023 film released on Lifetime Movie Club with a good cast to boost. Revolving around the story of a single mom who was recently widowed, the movie shows her efforts in trying to be the head coach of her daughter’s cheer squad. The movie was a hit and the audience loved the outstanding performance of the cast. Let’s go deep into it and introduce us to the cast and characters of Sabotaging the Squad and learn more details about it.

Sabotaging the Squad Cast & Character Explained

Brittany Goodwin as Gemma

Brittany Goodwin is an actor, director and screenwriter. She is best known for the film If You’re Gone (2019 based on her own best-selling novel of the same name.

Olivia Buckle as Darlene

Olivia Buckle is an actress from Vancouver, BC. She began her career in 2009 as a dancer and choreographer. She is dual citizen between CA/US along with having a representation in LA.

Eric Lutz as Tanner

Eric Lutz is an American Film and Television actor from the Midwest and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He has a commendable stage presence and works flawlessly on the screen.

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Eric Taylor Guilmette as Sasha

Eric Taylor Guilmette is an American actor & model. He’s originally from Massachusetts and has been working full-time as an actor and model in LA for nearly 4 years.

Tammy-Ane Fortuin as Tawnya

Tammy-Anne Fortuin is an award-winning filmmaker / actor known for multiple movies. Some of these movies include Aimee (2016), This Much (2017), Meeting Jenny (2015) and Babalas (2013). 

Casey O’Keefe as Candie

Casey O’Keefe is an American actress known for 2 Broke Girls (2011), A Bride’s Nightmare (2021) and Ray Donovan (2013). She grew up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and holds a B.F.A in Theatre Arts, Performance from Hofstra University.

Fidelia Grace as Rachel

Fidelia Grace is a dynamic actress and dancer, made her journey from her hometown in Buffalo, NY, to pursue her passion for the arts. Fidelia’s work extends beyond the big screen, with a notable presence in various Lifetime Movies and Independent Feature Films.


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Alisha Ricardi as Krista

Born and Raised in Newton, Massachusetts, Alisha Ricardi graduated from Newton North High School before receiving a B.S. in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University. Alisha is fluent in American Sign Language and proficient in Spanish.

‘Sabotaging the Squad’ Release Date

The release date of Sabotaging the Squad is Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 8 PM ET/PT

‘Sabotaging the Squad’ Plot

The plot of Sabotaging the Squad revolves around Missy played by Meyon Jacobs who is widowed recently and ready to take over the her daughter’s cheer squad as a head coach. However, she is met with a lot of troubles on her way of doing so because all the other cheer moms are being resistant to this change. 

One such particular mom is Darlene played by Olivia Buckle who was competing for the same position. With the help of her friend and assistant coach, Gemma played by Brittany Goodwin, Missy tried to her best to move forward and focus on getting her cheerleaders ready for competition. 

However, strange things happen and Missy becomes the prime suspect of a crime. As the movie proceeds, it shows Missy’s efforts as she tries to clear her name while keeping her squad competition ready before anyone else dies.

Where to Watch ‘Sabotaging the Squad’?

 You can watch Sabotaging the Squad on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).

Watch the Trailer Here

 You can watch the trailer on LMN.

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