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The basic idea of Netflix that clicked:

Do you know what made Netflix’s idea clicked so much? Binge-watching! The idea of binge-watching made Netflix click so much with people that there is no such household in the USA, which does not hold a Netflix subscription. It does not leave you hanging waiting for the next episode to air. It provides you with all the episodes of a season at once so that you can binge-watch it on date night. Now save yourself from the chaos of wait until next week for another piece of the episode. However, the idea was great it was not enough to gain the traffic. They also created amazing content that glued people to Netflix.

Series that helped Netflix grow immensely:

In the early days of Netflix, people used their subscription to binge-watch famous seasons such as Friends, The Office, Breaking Bad, Sopranos, etc. or the classics which they have missed watching growing up. However, as the company grew better, they thought of creating their exclusive content. They executed a few amazing scripts which took Netflix to new heights of success and made it people’s number one go-to place for entertainment. Let us discuss these shows which made Netflix as huge as it is today.

House of Cards:

House of cards Netflix’s original drama series quickly became the toast for the company and solidified the platform’s reputation immensely. A big name from “The usual suspects” Kevin Spacey starrer drama tells the story of a congressional representative and his ruthless plans to gain power aided by her spouse Claire. The drama received nine Emmy notifications back in 2013 and became the first online show that ran for the TV industry’s coveted awards. However, the future of the show got into circulation due to the sexual misconduct allegation against Kevin Spacey.

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Orange is the New Black:

Orange is the new black, another Netflix original series based on a true story. The story revolves around a character named Piper Chapman, a middle-class woman of New York, convicted of drug and money smuggling prison for 15 months. The show has bagged several Emmy awards. It has been applauded for its impeccable depiction of race discrimination, sexuality, gender, and diverse body type, and particularly the attitude and complex look towards the LGBT. In an interview with The Guardian, a cast member said, “TV had been afraid to show this side of women up till now.” It is such a show where both the villain and hero are women.

13 Reasons Why:

13 reasons why- A show that completely swayed the audience is based on a novel written by Jay Asher. A 17-year-old clay Jensen and her friend Hannah baker killed herself after struggling to manage the culture and gossip at school. Hannah leaves behind 13 tapes of herself providing 13 reasons she chose death over life. The show sparked a great debate over social media between parents, viewers, and experts on whether the show overstated the suicide or the content holds substance. It is a 13-hour ride filled with emotions, suspense, anxiety, and heartbreak. If you are going to binge-watch it then you better have a box of tissues beside you.

Stranger Things:

Another Netflix original with young actors and is undoubtedly the most famous Netflix series. Since its debut in 2016 stranger things is been praised for the performance and story of its young actors and has earned itself several nominations and awards. Millie Bobbie brown the young star of the show received a second Emmy nomination for her role as an 11-year-old. Moreover, she is just 14 in real. 

The Crown:

The crown is a biographical story of Queen Elizabeth II and is the most expensive drama ever produced by Netflix. It costs around 100m pounds. The magnificent jewels and gowns clearly show that it’s money well spent. Drama provides an insight into the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s marriage. From the marriage to political rivalries, her ascent up to the crown, the in-between romances it describes them all brilliantly.


A drama based on a drug lord named Pablo Escobar. Describes the real horrors of Pablo Escobar was and how he manipulated almost every government department to get what he wants. He was the biggest and deadliest cocaine smuggler of his time. The lead actor Wagner Moura who played the role of Pablo Escobar did not know the Spanish before signing the role. Moreover, he spent a month away from his family in Medellin to learn the language. Though he contained the Brazilian accent, still he bagged himself a Golden Globe nomination in 2016.

Author: Andy Greenfield

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