On July 10, 2022, the first episode of the Canadian television medical drama series SkyMed aired for the first time on CBC Television. In it, a crew of pilots and nurses operating in a remote part of Manitoba is played by a talented cast. SkyMed’s first season consists of nine episodes, each lasting between forty and forty-five minutes. Now, get ready for Skymed Season 2. Below, we will share all the details of Skymed Season 2.

SkyMed Season 2 Cast & Characters Explained

Three new regulars have been added to the SkyMed cast: Sydney Kuhne, who used to be on Ginny & Georgia, as Stef, Ryan Ali as Reese, and Nadine Whiteman-Roden as Dr. Yana Noah. Here are other cast”

Natasha Calis As Hayley

SkyMed welcomes new nurse Hayley, played by Natasha Calis of Supernatural. As her father’s anxious calls demonstrate, Hayley is evading a major health issue, but she is determined to achieve her goals at Thompson and SkyMed. 

Morgan Holmstrom As Crystal

Morgan Holmstrom portrays the character of Crystal, a nurse in the SkyMed team who is also pursuing the role of nurse practitioner, in the Paramount+ series. Working as a SkyMed nurse allows Crystal to pay tribute to her indigenous heritage while also helping those in her community. 

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Aason Nadjiwan As Bodie

Aason Nadjiwan portrays Bodie, a pilot with SkyMed who is determined to quit Thompson and fly commercially. His connection with Hayley changes everything. 

Kheon Clarke As Tristan

One of the rare SkyMed nurses who treats Hayley with kindness is Tristan, played by Kheon Clarke. Optimistic, pleasant, and a team player, Tristan strives to find the best in everyone he meets. 

Praneet Akilla As Chopper

One of the SkyMed pilots who is head over heels for Hayley is played by Praneet Akilla. Despite Bodie’s less-than-transparent moments with him, Chopper remains steadfast in his support as Bodie’s best buddy. 

Mercedes Morris As Lexi

Actress Mercedes Morris plays the role of Lexi, a pilot who is close to her fellow pilot, Nowak, and who was just promoted. Lexi exemplifies diligence, resilience, and equity. 

Thomas Elms As Nowak

One of the SkyMed pilots that has problems with Bodie is Nowak, played by Thomas Elms. Despite being Lexi’s best buddy, Nowak appears to have trouble getting along with the majority of the team. 

Aaron Ashmore as Wheezer

One of the most senior SkyMed pilots and a leader in the Paramount series, Aaron Ashmore portrays the role of Wheezer. 

Emilia McCarthy as Madison 

Madison, played by Emilia McCarthy, is Bodie’s ex-girlfriend who he is still involved with because he was the one who got her pregnant. 

Patrick Kwok-Choon as Trevor 

Patrick Kwok-Choon portrays Trevor, a doctor in Thompson who serves as Crystal’s mentor on occasion. Emma (Rebecca Kwan), a nurse on a short-term assignment at North House to put money aside for her wedding, is played by Kwan. 

Rebecca Kwan as Emma

Kwan plays Emma, a nurse temporarily working in North House to save money for her wedding. 

Braeden Clarke as Jeremy 

The Paramount series stars Braeden Clarke as North House First Nation resident and community volunteer Jeremy. 

Jeff Teravainen as Captain Pierce 

Captain Pierce, played by Jeff Teravainen, is the highest-ranking official at SkyMed. 

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Matthew Kevin Anderson as Brad

One of the SkyMed characters, Brad—portrayed by Kevin Anderson—loads and unloads med-evac planes. 

SkyMed Season 2 Release Date

The release date of Skymed Season 2 is January 11, 2024.


As the airline charts into new territory, the medics and pilots of SkyMed are forced to grow up together or grow apart as they confront thrilling new crises, hook ups, break ups, and heartbreaks. This forces the team to either grow up together or grow independently. Everyone is thrown into disarray when SkyMed expands its med-evac service into new territory. This is because familiar characters are returning, and exciting new flight crew members are starting to arrive.

Where to Watch SkyMed Season 2?

You can watch Skymed Season 2 on Paramount+.

Episodes Listing

  1. Return to Base
  2. Spun Out
  3. Things That Matter Most.
  4. Turbulence
  5. Code Silver
  6. Little Lies
  7. Old Wounds
  8. Before Sunrise, After Sunset
  9. Out with a Bang

Watch the trailer here

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