Slow Horses, inspired by the Slough House book series penned by British novelist Mick Herron, is gearing up to delve into the pages of Real Tigers for its upcoming season 3 after the two successful previous editions.

Both seasons of Slow Horses have received wide critical acclaim, with season 1 earning a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and season 2 earning a 100%. Much of the praise has been heaped on the ensemble cast and the eschewing of usual spy thriller conventions by making the slow horses inept at their jobs. Slow Horses is based on the Slough House novels from author Mick Herron, with each season so far has been based on a successive book in the series. Both seasons 3 and 4 of Slow Horses have been confirmed and from speculation and reveals, season 3 should be as exciting as the last two.

Slow Horses season 3 Cast & Characters Explained:

Gary Oldman as Jack Lamb

Known for his roles in Darkest Hour and the Harry Potter movies, Gary Oldman takes on the role of Jack Lamb, the slovenly yet intriguing character at the heart of Slow Horses Season 3.

Jack Lowden as River Cartwright

Joining the series as a relatively new member of Slough House, Jack Lowden, recognized for his roles in Mary Queen of Scots and Benediction, brings freshness to the ensemble as River Cartwright.

Kristin Scott Thomas as Diana Taverner

Portraying the general director of MI5, Diana Taverner, Kristin Scott Thomas, acclaimed for her performances in Darkest Hour and The English Patient, adds a layer of authority and complexity to the storyline.

Saskia Reeves as Catherine Standish

Saskia Reeves reprises her role as Catherine Standish, a supporting character whose presence adds depth and continuity to the narrative.

Sope Dirisu as Sean Donovan

Introducing a new character, Sope Dirisu steps into the shoes of Sean Donovan, the former head of security at the British Embassy in Istanbul, bringing a fresh dynamic to the series.

Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa Guy

Known for her role as Louisa Guy, Rosalind Eleazar’s character is anticipated to bring back the charm and complexity that viewers love.

Jonathan Pryce as David Cartwright

Jonathan Pryce, portraying David Cartwright, is likely to reprise his role, adding a touch of seasoned experience to the ensemble.

Freddie Fox as James “Spider” Webb

Freddie Fox, who plays James “Spider” Webb, is expected to return, captivating audiences with his enigmatic persona.

Dustin Demri-Burns as Min Harper

Returning as Min Harper, portrayed by Dustin Demri-Burns, the character’s previous storyline’s impact is anticipated to resonate throughout Season 3.

Aimée-Ffion Edwards as Shirley Dander

Aimée-Ffion Edwards, playing Shirley Dander, is poised to bring back the wit and charm that makes her character memorable.

Kadiff Kirwan as Marcus Longridge

Kadiff Kirwan’s portrayal of Marcus Longridge is expected to continue, adding a layer of diversity and depth to the ensemble.

Christopher Chung as Roddy Ho

Confirmed through first-look images, Christopher Chung returns as Roddy Ho, ensuring a familiar face and storyline continuity in Slow Horses Season 3.

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date:

Slow Horses Season 3 is set to premiere on November 29th. It will release over 8 weekly episodes and conclude with a finale on December 29. The carefully curated release schedule ensures a steady stream of excitement for fans.

Slow Horses Season 3 Plot:

We don’t know exactly what will happen in Season 3, but we can guess based on Mick Herron’s book Real Tigers. The agents at Slough House are about to start a new investigation, even though the last season ended very nicely. The story is more complicated because agent Min Harper’s death has left a lasting mark that will affect his coworkers.

In Real Tigers, and probably also in Season 3, people from Slough House get involved in a crime plot in which one of their own, Catherine Standish, is taken by an unknown group of criminals. The team has to figure out how to get into MI5’s headquarters and get valuable information for a high-stakes ransom exchange. The Slow Horses are working against their own command because of a plot that goes from the top of MI5 to Downing Street.

Season 3 promises a thrilling journey that will change the story from a dull one-sided story to an interesting conspiracy. Former MI5 agents who have settled down in Slough House must reevaluate their roles within MI5 in order to save one of their own and stop the plans of a rogue agent.

Where to Watch Slow Horses Season 3?

For those eager to catch the latest exploits of Slow Horses, Apple TV+ remains the exclusive home for the series. Apple’s decision to keep it as an exclusive adds to the anticipation, making it a must-watch for subscribers.

Episodes Listing:

Right now, we do not have the details regarding the episodes.

Watch the trailer here

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