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The Craziest Storylines in Soap Operas

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Soap operas have produced some of the craziest storylines in television history. It’s what draws people to them. Fans watch to see if their favorite heroin was not really dead or if a terrible tragedy was actually a dream.

The funny thing is that no matter how crazy the storyline may get, fans watch. As this very engaging infographic depicts, some of these soap operas have been on for a generation or more, producing thousands of episodes. Fans have stuck with characters on the show, often watching them go through divorces, childbirth, even seeing the children mature.

Why Do They Watch This Stuff?

There are many who simply don’t understand the attraction. These storylines are absolute drivel to many people, but there are those who build their entire lives around these soap operas. One writer points out that movies and television shows like this build up a sense of anxiety in viewers, and this is what captivates the audience. It is the tension creeping through broken relationships which creates cracks and eventually erodes those relationships, leaving the audience begging for some kind of reconciliation.

It’s the love-hate relationships between characters that many understand, but sometimes storylines can go off the rails. They can become so crazy that even the most avid viewers find themselves scratching their heads. Here are six such storylines.


While most soap operas are products of American or Latin television, Australia has a few highly successful programs. Neighbours is one such program, which has captivated audiences from down under for years. In fact, it is so popular that it has become highly successful in the United Kingdom as well.

The storylines usually follow traditional love affairs and other types of dramatic stories, but one such plot seemed to go a bit too far for fans. In one episode, Bouncer, the beloved Labrador retriever, had a dream where it was marrying the dog next-door. This episode aired in 1991 and was declared the most ridiculous storyline in the 30-year history of the program.

Days of Our Lives

No doubt that Days of Our Lives has had some whoppers over the years, but the decision to turn serial killer Ben Weston into a nice guy who was simply misunderstood has to be at the top of the list. In 2015, it was discovered that Ben, known as the “necktie killer,” had murdered several people. His character appeared a few times over the years but, in 2018, the role was reprised as a regular back on the show. The serial killer becomes redeemed. Ugh!

General Hospital

To be honest, the baby switch storyline is one of the oldest in soap opera history. Whether it is that the babies are mixed up at the hospital, someone stole the infant, or the embryo was somehow or another implanted in the wrong woman, this has become a storyline that has been used ad nausea. It’s one that most soap opera fans shake their head at now whenever it is used.

This is why many were aghast when General Hospital used the plot when Nelle gave Brad her baby. The entire storyline was ridiculous, starting with the fact that Brad and his same-sex partner lost their newly adopted son when he died in the crib. Brad comes across Nelle, who is stumbling out of the woods with her new baby. She willingly agrees to give Brad her baby so that Michael, the baby’s father, doesn’t get him. The story is far more convoluted than this, but you get the point.


Passions is another program that has created quite a number of ridiculous storylines over the years, but Timmy the doll coming to life was far too much to take. Timmy had wished to become a real boy, which came true, as Tabatha claimed him as her nephew. Tabatha, a witch, and Timmy then wreaked havoc on the town before Timmy was killed. Wow!

One Life to Live

Nothing like taking a show into the sci-fi world, and that is what One Life to Live decided to do when Victoria Lord wound up being trapped in Eterna, a futuristic underground city where her former sweetheart, Roger Gordon, had secretly been raised as a kid.

The plotline was truly crazy, running for a few seasons. Sadly, it got crazier from there, but you get the picture.

Young and the Restless

Victor and Nikki had been on-again, off-again so often that fans were beginning to get sick of their story altogether. For God’s sake, just choose whether you’re going to be together or not.! This is why it became a bit ridiculous when the two decided to have an open relationship. Here they were grandparents, deciding that this was the time in their life where they wanted to stay together, yet pursue other relationships. Seriously, enough is enough.

No doubt that soap operas have entertained us with some whoppers over the years. These six have just been too much to take.

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