Udta Punjab [2016] : Grim Realities & Hazy Truths!

When a drug induced haze appears in front of your eyes, all you see is a ray of stark white light that seems to get you to your happy place, but never does. You not only lose your sense of reality but you also lose yourself and the draining feeling never stops. There are times when people push themselves in order to fight the clutches of the hazy feeling that uplifts you from reality, shattering you piece by piece. Some get saved and some don’t. The grimmest consequences that occur during these episodic sedation are often poured onto innocent people who have nothing to do with being the by-products of this fake realism in the first place. Udta Punjab is an important film because it presents the grim-reality of surrounding and surrendering oneself to this fake realism in order to escape the harsh reality of waiting for the good days to come back.