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October [2018]: The Blooming Uncertainties of Selfless Love

The writer-director duo of Juhi Chaturvedi and Shoojit Sircar are quaintly fascinated with the Human Anatomy. With their third collaboration, they venture into the human brain and its occasional, unreasonable acts of selflessness. …

Badlapur [2015] : An Exercise in Rage

In 2004, Sriram Raghavan gifted mainstream Hindi cinema it’s first femme noir revenge thriller in ‘Ek Hasina Thi’. Since then, however, his attempts on celluloid have left much to be desired. ‘Johnny…

Dishoom [2016] : The Nice Guys!

In a very over the top, Buddy-Cop way, Dishoom succeeds to an extent. It does manage to constantly engage the audience in the back and forth between its two lead characters J (Varun Dhawan) and K (John Abhraham). It also has audience pleasing masala ingredients that includes the likes of Bikini clad models, a dance number, an item number, an array of celebrity cameos, a cricket backdrop and to top it all off, some good old deshbhakti. The sad thing is, Rohit Dhawan & his writer friend go astray in the second half. The gags don’t hit the sweet spot and the already convoluted plot just goes on descending into something that is entirely erasable from the memory in T-minus 2 minutes.