What is The True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Take Care of Maya’?: There are a lot of heart-wrenching documentaries, but Netflix’s ‘Take Care of Maya‘ will break your heart with the dark realities faced by the Kowalski family and many others. This powerful film goes deep into the harrowing journey of Maya Kowalski. You will see the true horrors that unfolded when they requested medical help for their sick daughter.

As the curtain falls on this tragic story, audiences are left speechless by seeing all the injustices and violence that plague our society. Why is this story so heartbreaking? Why do you need to learn from it? We will uncover the true story behind this documentary, so keep reading till the end.

Is Netflix’s ‘Take Care of Maya’ based on a True Story?

Who is Maya Kowalski?

Maya Kowalski was born to Jack and Beata Kowalski. Jack and Beata were facing a lot of struggles in conceiving a child. They were finally happy when Maya was born, but this happiness couldn’t last long. Maya started experiencing countless weakening symptoms. From blurred vision to severe pain, Maya’s condition confused many doctors. All these doctors failed to provide a definitive diagnosis until they encountered Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick. This doctor was an expert in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

CRPS is a draining condition defined by attacks of severe pain far beyond normal. Just a normal touch can also trigger unimaginable pain. Dr. Kirkpatrick identified Maya’s condition and recommended a Ketamine infusion treatment. This treatment was successful for other patients who were suffering from CRPS. The Kowalskis, desperate to ease their daughter’s suffering, accepted this treatment with hope.

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How Was Their Hope Shattered?

Initially, the Ketamine infusion therapy brought relief to Maya, although she still couldn’t walk. The family, however, faced financial challenges in affording Dr. Kirkpatrick’s treatment, and they were subsequently referred to Dr. Ashraf Hanna. Unfortunately, their world came crashing down on that fateful day in October 2016 when Maya experienced a relapse and was rushed to John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

Trusting in the expertise of the medical professionals, Maya’s parents advocated for high-dosage Ketamine infusion, consistent with Dr. Kirkpatrick’s treatment. Sadly, their request stimulated suspicion among the doctors, who then reported the incident to Child Protection Services. The Kowalskis’ nightmare deepened when Child Abuse Pediatrician Dr. Sally Smith swiftly concluded that Maya should be taken into state custody, accusing Beata of Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

The separation of Maya from her family was a crushing moment, fueled by the misguided diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Despite lacking objective evidence from Dr. Kirkpatrick’s report, Dr. Smith’s allegations tore the Kowalskis apart. In the documentary, Maya’s father, Jack, recounts the authorities’ attempt to manipulate him against his wife, creating a toxic environment that further endangered their daughter’s well-being.

What Happened to Maya and Her Family in the Hospital?

During her time in the hospital, Maya and her family encountered a series of injustices. It went so bad that the hospital staff forced Maya to believe she was exaggerating her pain. The worst thing was a nurse with a history of child abuse charges accompanied her. Things were not getting any better from here. There were photographs taken of Maya without the consent of her or her family, violating their privacy and dignity.

The Unthinkable Tragedy

If you thought that until now, everything was so tragic and heartbreaking, the real tragedy is just about to happen. While all the focus was on Maya Kowalski, something unthinkable happened. Just after three months of the separation of mother and daughter, Beata Kowalski took her own life due to depression. The breaking point that will leave tears in your eyes was when the judge denied her to hug her daughter in court.

In a heartbreaking email to her family, Beata explicitly placed the blame on the judge, highlighting the factors that led to her tragic decision. This loss made Maya’s life worse. Despite enduring unimaginable pain and loss, the Kowalski family gathered the strength to pursue justice.

Where Are The Kowalski Family Now?

They chose to file a lawsuit against the hospital, seeking accountability for the profound injustices inflicted upon them. The trial, set to commence on September 11, 2023, will mark an important moment in their tough journey – 2,530 days since Maya’s admission to John Hopkins.

While Dr. Sally Smith settled her portion of the lawsuit in December 2021, the Kowalskis refuse to let countless other families suffer in silence. Their pursuit of justice echoes the sentiments of numerous families who shared their own stories of oppression during the making of ‘Take Care of Maya.’ The Kowalskis, driven by love and a fervent desire for change, continue to reside in Florida, steadfast in their belief that justice will prevail.

Now burdened by the weight of her medical condition and the loss of her beloved mother, Maya remains a symbol of strength and hope. In her own words, she vows to fight not only for herself but also for the countless other families trapped in a similar struggle. The true story documentary ‘Take Care of Maya‘ offers an emotional glimpse into the torturous realities faced by these families, exposing the urgent need for reform and compassion within our healthcare system.

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