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Talvar [2015]: A Wound between Right and Wrong

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With great names like Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma and Tabu; Story Writer Vishal Bhardwaj and Director Meghna Gulzar associated with it, the expectation from the real-life inspired thriller “Talvar” were heightened. Thankfully, the movie not only lives up to the expectations but also raises the bar for alternate genre of ‘sensible movies’. Though the director and story writer had almost no scope for twists and turns, they have succeeded in keeping audience unblinking throughout the movie. It is to the credit of the director Meghna Gulzar that she strongly holds the audience interest right until last moment and even beyond. Your nerves are sure to overwork in thought stirring moments when you step out after the movie.

Talvar 2
“Talvar” is based on the double murder of a teenager, and house servant draws clear inspiration from infamous Noida “Aarushi-Hemraj” murder case, which hogged the limelight of nation for years. At times movie erupts the myriad emotions and holdbacks the human conscience. Movie rotates around the powerful storyline, which interestingly is known to almost everyone-law on the one side and unflinching Irrfan Khan on the other. Making a film on real-life incidence is a formidable job, especially when it lacks the usual Bollywood masala.

Here, full marks go to director and actors who infused life into it so vividly that it turns into a thriller. Irrfan Khan acts as the lead investigating officer and carries the movie on his shoulder with natural prowess. Unyielding Konkona Sen Sharma, who has a restricted presence in the movie adds value alongside stoic Neeraj Kabi. Director has smartly broken the monochrome by inserting the other side of Irrfan Khan’s personal life with wife Tabu. It helps the movie to go light whenever thought starts dominating the nerve system.

Talvar 1
The movie takes a heavy toll on a first-hand sloppy investigation by city police, in satirical as well as grievous way. Vishal Bhardwaj’s story successfully exposes the blemish police investigation with rage as well as satire. Crafting the storyline with impeccable perfection for such complicated case was no easy task for a writer, but he flows it not only in the neutral path but also humorously tears apart the investigation carried by government agencies. Meghna Gulzar has done full justice with a story by giving soul to the movie with her matured direction. Flip Flop investigation by local police and bizarre helplessness of agency probe is depicted in a very neutral way. The movie is not judgmental but shows all the versions and angles with neutrality and leaves it to the audience to go with a version which they may find more compelling. The devastated and feeble investigation process blows out the belief in the established bureaucratic structure. Movie tilts from honor killing to mysterious murder angles and evokes anger and despair.

Irrfan Khan in a lead role plays the different shades and keep the movie rolling in every direction, be it an avid investigating officer or disgruntled humorous husband. Konkona Sen Sharma, playing the role of mother of a teenager, is as natural as she can be. Her role in the movie is pre-defined from the storyline giving her less space for her versatile acting but even with the restricted horizon, she is central to the main plot. Neeraj Kabi playing as the father has even more salient dimension, he has also shown the natural flavor to play the character. Tabu as a wife of Irrfan Khan has a tickling appearance as she is detached from the main story plot.

Talvar 3
Meghna Gulzar has done simply brilliant work for keeping the flow of the moving independent and rolling. It is definitely her best outcome as she seems to have gone in the skin of the infamous murder case pulling it one by one so finely. Her acute representation of even a smaller evidence makes one revisit the varied sequences as claimed by different parties. She deserves the pat on the back for depicting so complicated case in such natural flow. And Vishal Bhardwaj, the man behind the scene, must have worked hard to live the sequences again and again before unraveling the story plot. Overall, this “who did it” movie is one of the must-watch of 2015. It has the ability to pull the audience to the core and keep them connected throughout. Once in cinema, it is sure to keep you on edge of your seat from beginning till the end. The movie gets stronger with its songs especially the song “Insaaf Hoga” is just phenomenal. It’s a must-watch movie in cinemas and one of the most distinguished movies, which will make your experience worthwhile. 


Author: Amarjeet Rathore

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