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The 10 Best Films of 2015 [So far]

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Halfway through the year, we have had some really good films, some bad films, few “WTF is happening” films , few commercial mass entertaining films and exceptionally brilliant indie films too. Below, I have listed The 10 Best Films of 2015 so far (January 2015- June 2015) that particularly left me in awe, and entertained me throughout.

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10. The Duke of Burgundy : Love can be this strange.

Visually enthralling, sexually charged and profoundly emotional, writer-director Peter Strickland’s latest feature The Duke of Burgundy explores the complete different side of sexual fantasy governed by submission and domination of a lesbian pair. Their array of emotions has been metaphorically represented by perplexing long shot close up of  various variety of insects and bugs.

9. Spring : Meta horror that will make you fall in love.

To describe this perfectly: If Linklater ever got drunk and hooked up with David Lynch under the Italian roads, Spring would be their bastard son. This atmospheric monster film quite intelligently glides through a lot of other good film on this list just because of the way its handled. The director duo here cleverly bend the rules set and come up with a horror-romance that talks about relationships, love and life in depths.

8. It Follows : Sexual Satire.

This might be the only horror film in recent times, that can potentially shit scare the youngsters, in the very similar fashion, how Requiem for a Dream had horrific impact on smokers .  ‘It Follows’ is a story about college girl who is stalked by violent apparition after a casual sexual encounter. Film takes a jibe on promiscuous relationship having layers in its creepy subtext. Yes, it has amazing soundtrack too.

It Follows
8. White God
: A thrilling dog fable

A fable of vindictive canines that borders on being a pure cinematic thriller,fusing human drama to it, that will haunt you for long time after end credits are rolled. Hungarian writer & director Kornél Mundruczó’s is an exciting adventure tale and brutal social realism that is not made for everyone, and probably your will shit your pants for sometimes, if you have a four legged friend at your home.

7. Slow West : Deliberately slow paced, but mesmerizing and bloody good.

As captivating as it is tragic, Slow West was John M. Machlen’s fascinatingly original approach to westerns. There’s a scene in Slow West where salt slowly dribbles into the wounds of Kodi Smit-McPhee, Machlen’s film is quite the same. In its most tragic and dark moments it manages to jumble the viewer’s mind with purity and concise dramatic inventions of black-humor and comic oddity.

6. Court : There are courtroom dramas and then there is ‘Court’.

Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court moves at the same pace as the Indian Judicial system  but it packs so much of satirical intense & ‘stripped down to naked’ court drama that you cant take your eyes off from the screen. Film revolves around singer & teacher Narayan Kamble who is accused of performing a song that inspired a sewer worker to kill himself.


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