If you have landed on this page looking for the ending explained article for The Boarding School Murders, head here. Step into the creepy corridors of a boarding school, where sinister secrets hide behind every ivy-covered wall. The Boarding School Murders, a spine-tingling thriller with a cast to boot, will keep you guessing right up until the end, has arrived. 

Imagine you are a troubled young woman who has been offered the chance to escape your troubled life and attend a prestigious Swiss boarding school. However, your dreams of a new beginning are shattered like a dropped crystal goblet when a fellow student is found murdered, their lifeless body set against the backdrop of lavish dorms.

The Boarding School Murders Cast & Characters:

The cast of The Boarding School Murders is a follows:

  • Christina Cox – Miss Ainsworth
  • Hannah Galway – Frankie
  • Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova – Annabelle
  • Xavier Sotelo – Dr. Garcia
  • Katia Edith Wood – Tinsley
  • Eve Edwards – Maria
  • Nicole Amber Farrugia – Jacqueline
  • Guy Sprung – Detective Krause
  • Douglas Kidd – Mr. Limoux
  • Isabelle Boulton – Miss Galiani
  • Malik McCall – Mr. Bennett
  • Aury Barnett – Friedrich
  • Norman Mikeal Berketa – Gardener
  • Victoria Lenhardt – Trina

The Boarding School Murders Release Date & Time

The release date of The Boarding School Murders is January 14, 2024, at 8/7c.


When one of Frankie’s classmates is murdered, everyone is quick to accuse Frankie of the crime. However, it turns out that the opportunity of a lifetime comes at a fatal price when Frankie is presented with the option to leave her foster care home and attend an expensive Swiss boarding school.

As time ticks away, the atmosphere at the boarding school becomes increasingly suffocating, as if it’s hiding countless secrets. Frankie finds herself caught in this labyrinth of deception, aided by an interesting ensemble of individuals. 

From the mysterious headmistress, who seems to have ulterior motives, to the troubled detective burdened by his own personal demons, these characters add depth to the story. Can Frankie break down the tangled web of lies and expose the killer before it’s too late? Or will she, like so many others, become a tragic victim, forever memorialized on the chilling facade of the walls?

Where to watch The Boarding School Murders?

You can watch The Boarding School Murders on Lifetime.

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