Ever since Asher died, the halls of St. Bonaventure have been heavy with grief. In “The Good Doctor” season 7, episode 7, “Faith,” Dr. Lim has to face a personal truth that her mother tells her, which makes her think again about her own problems. At the same time, Shaun is still in shock over Asher’s death, and a good surgery with Dr. Charles could give him hope. Will this start a new part of their often-tense relationship? In another place, Dr. Andrews is moved by Dr. Asher Wolke’s hard work, which makes him think again about how he practices medicine.

Don’t miss an emotional episode about sadness, strength, and the lasting power of connecting with others. Here’s “The Good Doctor” season 7, episode 7 preview, which covers everything you need to know.

What happened in The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 6?

  • Lim struggles to cope with Asher’s death and loses a patient who resembles him.
  • Lim’s mother reveals her father had clinical depression and spent time in hospitals, explaining her worry about Lim.
  • Lim finally accepts her mother’s support.
  • Charlie and Shaun disagree about a patient they believe is still alive despite being tagged as dead.
  • Shaun gets overwhelmed with Asher’s death and patient needs, but Charlie helps him get back on track.
  • Shaun and Charlie successfully perform emergency surgery together, potentially marking a turning point in their relationship.
  • Charlie withdraws her HR complaint against Shaun (for now).
  • Dom struggles with the vehicular attack victims but shines bright during a patient’s severe nosebleed.
  • Despite fearing blood, Dom uses emergency measures to save the patient’s life.
  • Morgan commends Dom for his quick thinking and encourages him to keep learning.
  • Jordan delivers a passionate yet angry eulogy for Asher.
  • She confronts Asher’s killer’s mother and wrestles with her own anger.
  • Jordan administers pain medication to the injured driver and apologizes for focusing on anger in her eulogy.
  • Jerome distributes Asher’s belongings to the staff, causing Shaun to finally face his loss.

Where can I stream The Good Doctor Season 7, Episode 7?

You can stream “The Good Doctor,” season 7, episode 7, on Hulu.

Release Date & Time

Season 7, episode 7’s release date and time are April 16, 2024, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

What to expect from The Good Doctor Season 7, Episode 7?

Based on the events of previous episodes, viewers can anticipate several developments in episode 7:

  • Lim may have to deal with how her mother’s news about her father affects her emotionally and professionally. Will she ask for help or try to do it on her own?
  • If they can work together well in surgery, it could lead to a new dynamic. Will they be able to keep working well together, or will old problems come up again?
  • Shaun seems to have finally been hit hard by Asher’s death. You can expect to see him dealing with his sadness and maybe asking his coworkers or Lea for help.

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