The Upshaws Season 4: Cast & Characters Explained, Release Date, Plot, Where to Watch, Trailer & Other Details

The Upshaws Season 4

The Upshaws, a down-to-earth sitcom about a working-class family, is returning for a much-awaited Season 4. As Season 3 came to an end, fans were left wanting more. Regina’s struggle with sadness is a big reason why she didn’t get into her dream graduate studies program. Even though Regina’s family really wants to help and support her, their words fall flat, and she chooses to leave their family home. Since this storyline wasn’t wrapped up, people are getting more excited for it to be continued in Season 4.

Bennie and Lucretia, who work together to run the car shop, start a new business journey after the setback due to their arrest in the previous season. The question is whether Lucretia can learn to trust Bennie more. Given how different they are, this doesn’t seem likely, as their relationship is like oil resisting water’s embrace. In the last few minutes of Season 3, the attention shifts back to Bennie when his younger son Kelvin and his mother Tasha show up out of the blue.

Tasha, who is about to marry her fiance and lives in a nearby town, shows up out of the blue. This surprise hints that her engagement has some bad news in it, which means there will be more mystery to come out.

In Part 4, the Upshaws will face even more challenges as they try to keep their family together. Bennie will be struggling to find a job, Regina will be dealing with the stress of being a single parent, and Aaliyah will be starting high school. But through it all, the Upshaws will always have each other’s backs.

The Upshaws Season 4 Cast & Characters Explained:

Get ready to dive back into the lives of The Upshaws because the fourth part keeps the same interesting group. Mike Epps and Kim Fields, who are back as the sweet pair Bennie and Regina Upshaw, are at the top of the list. Epps is known for his breakthrough part in the movie “Next Friday,” as well as for his roles in the “Hangover” movies and the new Netflix movie “You People.” He continues to shine. Fields give her character personality. People know her from “Living Single,” and she has also been in “Cobra Kai” and “Meet the Browns.” Fans may remember her famous role as Tootie on the 1980s show Facts of Life.

Wanda Sykes, who helped make the show what it is, plays Lucretia Turner in The Upshaws Part 4. Since Lucretia is Regina’s bigger sister, and her relationship with Bennie is tense. Sykes is known for her stand-up comedy, and she has had a long and successful career in shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Black-ish.

The next generation brings life and energy to the Upshaws’ home. Khali Spraggins plays Bennie and Regina Upshaw’s oldest daughter, Aaliyah Upshaw. Diamond Lyons takes over for Bennie’s son Kelvin Upshaw, who is the same age as Aaliyah but has a different mother. Kelvin is Bennie’s son from a previous relationship. Jermelle Simon plays Bernard Upshaw Jr., who is Bennie and Regina’s only son and their first child. Journey Christine is the youngest member of the Upshaw family, Maya Upshaw. Gabrielle Dennis gives life to Kelvin’s mother, Tasha Lewis. Page Kennedy plays Bennie’s old friend and co-worker at the garage, Duck.

Here are more characters:

  • Mike Estime as Bennie’s friend
  • Tony, Dayna Dooley as Regina’s boss at the hospital
  • Daria Johns as Aaliyah’s friend Savannah
  • Jessica Morris as one of Regina’s friends, Amy
  • Dewayne Perkins as Bernard Jr.’s boyfriend, Hector
  • Leonard Earl Howze as Bennie’s other close friend Davis

Release Date:

The Upshaws season 4 is set to release on Thursday, August 17, 2023. 


Meet Bennie Upshaw, played by Mike Epps. He is the charming and well-meaning head of an Indianapolis working-class Black family. He is a skilled mechanic and has always been a mess. But he is determined to rise to the challenge and help his family. His wife, Regina, played by Kim Fields, is by his side, as are their two young daughters, Khali Spraggins and Journey Christine, their oldest son, Jermelle Simon, and Bennie’s teenage son, Diamond Lyons, from a past relationship with Gabrielle Dennis’ character.

They also have to deal with Wanda Sykes, Regina’s sarcastic sister-in-law, while trying to figure out how to get ahead in life without a clear plan. But the Upshaws’ unwavering drive keeps them close and pushes them to new heights, both in their goals and in their sense of family.

In the next season, the Upshaws will continue to deal with the ups and downs of life, including new job prospects, bigger dreams, health problems, and surprises. Even though they are going through hard times, they still love each other because they are family.

Where to watch The Upshaws Season 4?

The Upshaws is a Netflix original series. For those hoping to watch new episodes, you’ll need a subscription to the streaming service. 

Watch the trailer here:

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