“The Vanishing Triangle” is a great addition to the world of exciting crime dramas. It gives viewers a thrilling experience that keeps them on the edge of their seats. This six-part Irish TV series, which the talented Ivan Kavanagh has made, is not just another crime drama. It is a superb dramatization of real events that happened in the 1990s in the mysterious area of Ireland called the Vanishing Triangle.

The Vanishing Triangle Cast & Characters Explained: 

One of the key factors that make “The Vanishing Triangle” an exceptional series is its cast of well-defined characters, each portrayed brilliantly by a talented actor. Here’s a closer look at some of the central figures:

  • India Mullen as Lisa Wallace – Lisa is an investigative journalist who takes center stage in her pursuit of truth and justice.
  • Allen Leech as David Burke – David, a detective, partners with Lisa to investigate a series of unsettling disappearances.
  • Adam Richardson as Tommy Stephens – Tommy’s character adds depth to the storyline, bringing an intriguing layer to the mystery.
  • Sarah Carroll as Mary Burkely – Mary’s role in the series introduces an emotional element that resonates with viewers.
  • Kiera Crawford as Rachel Burke – Rachel’s character, contributes to the complex web of relationships within the story.


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The most interesting thing about “The Vanishing Triangle” is its suspenseful plot, which is full of mystery and intrigue that keeps people interested from the start. The story starts with Lisa Wallace, an investigative writer who can’t get over the fact that her mother was killed almost 20 years ago, and no one knows who did it. She is so determined to find out the truth that she writes a story about the murder of her mother, which draws the attention of the killer. Lisa gets a scary letter with gruesome pictures of the murder and a new victim. This letter sets up an intense game of cat and mouse.

Lisa and Detective David Burke work together to find out what happened to Amy Reynolds. They soon realize they are up against a smart serial killer who always seems to be one step ahead. As the number of dead people keeps going up, the two people are in a race against time to stop the next tragedy. The killer plays mind games with Lisa, causing her to make scary decisions about his victims and even face her in person. 

This adds to the suspense. Lisa and David keep going even though it hurts their minds. Eventually, they get involved with the crooked part of the Garda. High-ranking members of the Garda force use blackmail to stop their investigation and put Lisa’s life at risk by using David’s secrets against him. As Lisa and David get closer to facing the person who killed Lisa’s mother, the story builds up to a thrilling end.

The Vanishing Triangle Release Date:

The release date of The Vanishing Triangle is September 28. The season finale came out on October 26.

Where to Watch The Vanishing Triangle?

In the United States, the series premiered on SundanceNow on September 28, 2023. It also aired on Virgin Media One in Ireland and Acorn TV in the United Kingdom.

Watch the trailer here:

There is no trailer for The Vanishing Triangle available as of now.

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