A woman seeks professional advice from a life coach in the suspenseful film The Wrong Life Coach in an effort to alleviate the stresses in her own life. Unfortunately, the woman’s life is utterly destroyed when the life coach—who turns out to be insane—launches a full-scale campaign of terror instead of helping her. Starring alongside Vivica A. Fox, Morgan Bradley, and Allison McAtee, the film is directed by the acclaimed David DeCoteau. Critics have called it a “suspenseful and twisty thriller” that won’t let you out of your seat until the final scene. Here is everything we know about The Wrong Life Coach, including the cast details. 

The Wrong Life Coach: Cast & Characters Explained

Morgan Bradley as Jordan 

The protagonist, Jordan, is a stressed-out working woman whose family life is a complete disaster. She finds herself caught in a perilous web of lies and hidden truths after hiring Liz, a life coach, in her pursuit of guidance.

Allison McAtee as Liz 

Liz is the titular life coach, who initially appears charming and supportive. However, Jordan soon discovers Liz’s sinister side as she becomes increasingly controlling and manipulative, pushing Jordan towards the breaking point.

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Vivica A. Fox as Tara  

Tara is Jordan’s boss in The Wrong Life Coach.

Tracy Nelson as Mother

Nelson plays Jordan’s wise and supportive mother, who sees through Liz’s facade and warns Jordan about the danger she’s in.

Michael Paré as Detective Cloverdale 

Detective Cloverdale is a jaded detective investigating a series of suspicious deaths linked to Liz. He becomes suspicious of Jordan’s connection to Liz and tries to unravel the truth.

Eric Roberts as Mr. Gordon 

Mr. Gordon is Liz’s wealthy and mysterious benefactor, who seems to hold considerable power over her. His motives remain shrouded in secrecy until the climax of the film.

Other Cast & Characters

  • Jamie Bernadette as Natalie 
  • Meredith Thomas as Rhonda
  • Hector David Jr. as Peter
  • Ciarra Carter as Patty
  • Jennifer Anne Scott as Greta
  • Randy Jay Burrell as John
  • Tracey Stephens as Tammy
  • Thomas Webb as Steve
  • Thomas Webb as Steve
  • Alana Walker as Missy Jean

What is the Movie About?

The story follows Jordan, a lady who is attempting to make ends meet while also juggling the demands of her hard profession and her difficult family life. She makes the decision to employ a life coach by the name of Liz in an effort to get her life back on track. The moment Liz enters the picture, Jordan’s life begins to spin out of control and become increasingly chaotic. It turns out that Liz is not who she appears to be and that she is hiding a dirty little secret. 

Release Date

The release date of The Wrong Life Coach is January 11, 2024, at 8/7c.

Where to Watch?

You can watch The Wrong Life Coach on Lifetime.

Watch the Trailer Here

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