“They Called Him Mostly Harmless” is a documentary that looks into the strange death of an unnamed climber who was found in the Florida woods. The documentary offers an interesting look into the events leading up to the climber’s death, encouraging viewers to solve the riddles surrounding his identity and untimely death. The cops released a sketch of the man and got a lot of tips from hikers who saw him. This created a lot of mystery and drama. 

By showing how thousands of committed internet detectives work together, the documentary gives an interesting look at how powerful online groups can zero in on the truth. Over two years, viewers see how investigating science and technology has changed, which was very important in figuring out who the dead hiker was. The documentary features a wide range of people, such as Natasha Teasley, an outdoor lover, CEO Nicholas Thompson, and citizen detective Christie Harris. Each brings their unique knowledge and ideas to the investigation. Here’s everything you need to know about “They Called Him Mostly Harmless.”

They Called Him Mostly Harmless: Release Date & Time

The release date of “They Called Him Mostly Harmless” is February 8, 2024. Right now, the release time is still unknown, but it is mostly the traditional streaming time of Max.

What to Expect?

“They Called Him Mostly Harmless” looks like an intriguing documentary about the death of an unknown climber who was found in the Florida woods. What to look forward to in this interesting story: The documentary looks into the strange case of the walker whose death leads many people to try to figure out who he was. As the police release a sketch of the man and get many tips from hikers who saw him, the public is drawn into a web of mystery and drama surrounding his life and death.

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With the help of thousands of dedicated internet detectives, the documentary shows how powerful online groups can be in finding out who the hiker really was. People who watch can look forward to a deep dive into the online investigation and the teamwork that led to big breakthroughs in the case. The documentary follows the progress in investigative science and technology over two years, which is very important in identifying the dead hiker. Through scientific research and innovative methods, viewers see the amazing journey of finding and the difficulties of figuring out who the man really is.

Who is in the documentary They Called Him Mostly Harmless?

  • Christie Harris: Citizen detective contributing insights and investigative efforts.
  • Natasha Teasley: Outdoor enthusiast and internet sleuth providing valuable information and assistance in the case.
  • Nicholas Thompson: CEO of The Atlantic and former Editor in Chief of Wired, likely offering expert commentary or insights into the investigation.
  • David Hurm: Lead detective leading the official investigation into the case.
  • Kristin Adams: Criminal research investigator, likely involved in analyzing data and conducting research pertinent to the investigation.
  • Kristine Gill: Public Relations representative from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, offering official statements and updates to the media.
  • Kelly Fairbanks: Trail angel involved in assisting hikers along trails, potentially offering unique perspectives or encounters related to the case.
  • Marge “MJ” Creech, Brandon Dowell, Mike Gormley: Hikers who encountered “Mostly Harmless,” providing firsthand accounts and details that could aid in the investigation.
  • David and Kristen Mittelman: Founders of Othram, a cutting-edge autosomal DNA company, likely contributing expertise and resources related to DNA analysis and identification efforts.

Where to Watch They Called Him Mostly Harmless?

You can watch “They Called Him Mostly Harmless” on Max.

Watch the trailer here

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