TIFF 2019: New Images from Todd Phillips’s Joker

New Images from Joker

Todd Phillips hit the web with early buzz for his Joker movie back in 2018. It is 2019 now and the Joaquin Phoenix rendition of the infamous DC villain is one of the most anticipated titles of the year. In fact, the buzz around the film is so big that fans are already speculating that Pheonix will end up with some serious Oscar buzz. Amping up the excitement the film is going to have its world premiere at Toronto Internation Film Festival. New Images from Joker have hit the web and they look as exciting as it could be.

Earlier this year, Todd released a statement that comic-book fans will come up with a definite backlash for his version of the Joker. While the internet was not too pleased, I am especially excited to see what he does with the material in hand.

The official synopsis of the film focuses on saying that it is not just a gritty character study but also a broader cautionary tale. It is strangely satisfying for someone bored by comic-book films. The trailer for Joker was already a hit and these new images straight from TIFF’s lineup show us new faces.

Joker in Cinema has been an infinitely elastic phenomenon. People have been obsessed with Heath Ledger and what he did with the villain. Prior speculations for anyone else playing the Joker were all lashed down. But since Joaquin Phoenix – One of the most important actors of the century is essaying the role everyone is looking forward to it.

Check out this New Images from Joker:

New Images from Joker


New Images From Joker

Ashwani Kumar Tiwari in his article about Joker speculates that “The lurking risk is of a rendition that may come out as an amalgamation of Joe (You Were Never Really Here) and Freddie Quell (The Master) coupled with the identity of Arthur Fleck to be treated in hand. Todd Phillips is venturing into an arena he hasn’t explored before which can be an opportunity and a disaster both.


The strongest point can be a story which seemingly resonates The Killing Joke. The biggest challenge could occur in the absence of Batman. Nevertheless, Joker has risen to be arguably the most enthralling film of the year after Endgame. Burdening ourselves with a comparative perspective can lead to partial vilification of the upcoming portrayal. Because if I have to have a Joker, I’d like it to be multiple choice.”

Joker Movie Trailer

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