From romantic comedies to horror thrillers, K-dramas have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a new show to obsess over, our list of the 10 best Korean dramas might just be what you need.

Here’s A Sneak Peek To The Interesting K-Dramas That Made Our List

  • Business Proposal
  • Forecasting Love And Weather
  • All Of Us Are Dead
  • Snowdrop
  • The King’s Affection
  • Our Beloved Summer
  • The Silent Sea
  • Crazy Love
  • Soundtrack
  • Tomorrow

1. A Business Proposal

If you’re looking for a fun and feel-good Korean drama, “Business Proposal” is the best. This romantic drama tells the story of Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Mu. She is an ordinary worker in his company. 

She goes on a blind date as Jin Young Seo at her friend’s(Jin Young Seo) request while intending to get rejected, but it turned out to be the CEO of her company. After some days, he finds out that she is not the real Jin-Young Seo, then he asks her to pretend to be in a contractual relationship with him.

2. Forecasting Love And Weather

Only eight episodes into the show, this K-drama is proving to have a promising premise with a strong female lead and electrifying chemistry between the stars Park Min-young and Song Kang. 

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The story revolves around two individuals working in the national weather service, navigating their love life while forecasting the weather. The viewers are in awe of this rom-com’s natural character-building and realistic portrayal of relationships. The show is available to watch on Netflix.

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3. All Of Us Are Dead

One day, a girl in the Hyosan High School is bitten by a rat infected with a virus that turns humans into zombies. She bit one of the people while being taken to the hospital, and the cycle went on.

The virus spreads throughout the school in a short time and then the city in no time. This drama shows the story of some students who survived the virus. All of us are dead is a thrilling, horror, and suspenseful drama with a 7.6 rating on IMDB. If you are a fan of zombies, this drama is for you.

4. Snowdrop

This K-drama set in the 1980s is a budding tale of romance and crime, with a hint of South Korean history and politics in the mix. Due to the political side of this drama, it was about to get canceled, but it survived. After its release in December 2021, the show has garnered quick popularity for its mesmerizing cinematography and casting. 

Snowdrop has a whopping  9/10 rating on IMDB, making it a must-watch. If you’re a sucker for sad endings, this show’s the one for you. Snowdrop isn’t available on Netflix, but you can tune in to the show on Disney+.

5. The King’s Affection

The King’s Affection is a must-watch for romantic and historical dramas fans. It is one of the exciting gender-bender Korean dramas. The story begins with the birth of the royal twins; when the princess gives birth to a girl, the king of Joseon orders to kill her. 

After faking her death to save her daughter Dam-I, the princess sent her out of the palace. After a few years, the male twin loses his life; after that, Dam-I takes her brother’s place and lives as the crown prince. 

6. Our Beloved Summer

This drama revolves around Choi Ung (a clumsy student with bad grades) and Kook Yeon-Su (a bright student). A documentary crew sees it as the perfect opportunity to film those in their natural habitat. 

Their hate turns into friendship and then into high school romance, and after some time, they break up. After 10 years, they reunite again due to some lucky coincidence. It is a type of drama you crave when down because it’s a roller coaster of emotions.

7. The Silent Sea

This drama is full of exciting twists, complex mystery, suspense, and turns, plus it has a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. When the earth suffers from a lack of water caused by desertification, Han Yun-Jae and  Song Ji-an are selected for a team to travel to the moon.

Their mission is to retrieve an unknown sample from the research station on the moon within 24 hours and return it to earth. This drama shows the difficulties they face while retrieving the sample in space. 

8. Crazy Love

Crazy Love is an ongoing Korean TV series featuring talented actors Kim Jae‑Wook and Krystal Jung. As of now, only two episodes of this show have been on air on Disney+. However, many viewers have been using free streaming sites to watch Crazy Love.

While the plot and the setting have major potential to be a hit, the rom-com treatment of the story has left some viewers unimpressed. However, you can expect to see the story unfold to be a better show.

9. Soundtrack #1

If you’re looking for a new romantic drama to watch, “Soundtrack” is definitely worth checking out. Han Sun-Woo and Lee Eun-Soo have been close friends for 20 years. They begin to live together at the same house for two weeks for some reason. While staying together, they realize their feelings towards each other.

10. Tomorrow

If you’re a fantasy lover, this drama is for you. This drama is based on a Webtoon with the exact name, so you can expect it to be a masterpiece. It follows the story of Choi JunWoong, who has been jobless for three years and decides to suicide. Unfortunately, he falls into a coma instead of dying and becomes a half-human and half-spirit. 

Now, this is when things get interesting, hanging between two worlds, he starts working as a member of the special crisis management team of the underworld. They save the lives of the people who are considering suicide. 


If you’re looking for a great drama to watch in 2022, check out one of these top 10 Korean dramas. They are all highly rated by fans and critics alike and will keep you entertained from beginning to end. There’s something for everyone on this list.

Author: Kim Miller

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