Top 5 Best Oscar Isaac Movies

Oscar Isaac is still a young man in terms of acting and has many great years ahead of him on screen. However, the American actor has already starred in many great films and below you will find the top 5 best Oscar Isaac movies.

We begin with Dune, the latest blockbuster release starring Isaac at the time of writing to have the critics talking about awards. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Dune is both a science fiction epic and human drama and Isaac plays the role of Duke Leto Atreides. He rules the planet Caladan and is gifted the planet Arrakis, which gives the duke a lot of problems. Isaac portrays a wise, considerate commander to perfection and it is one of his top performances to date.

However, we go back to Inside Llewyn Davis to find arguably the best performance of Isaac’s career. Set in the 1960’s, having lost his best friend and singing partner, folk singer, Llewyn Davis, played by Isaac embarks on a journey to find his life’s meaning. This movie is a black comedy-drama and draws on Isaac’s ability to sing in addition to his fine acting talent. Isaac goes through the full range of emotions during the film, heartbreak, success, tragedy, grief, and desperation and he does so brilliantly.

Returning to a more recent movie release and The Card Counter makes the list of the top 5 best Isaac movies thanks to his performance as William “Bill” Tell. With traumatic memories of the Iraq war, Bill is a veteran who is detached from most things and people in his life other than playing cards. He wins enough money from playing card games to survive but there are aspects to his character that emerge during the film, such as the underlying rage he unleashes when meeting someone from his past. The level of his disturbed mind shows in various parts of the movie, such as when he covers the furniture of a hotel room with white sheets because he likes blandness to protect his mind.

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Back to the Isaac movies and Ex Machina was his first collaboration with Alex Garland. The science fiction film is ranked by many as being one of the top sci-fi movies of the twenty-first century. Playing the role of Nathan, a multi-millionaire genius, the character builds an A.I. named Ava in what is a complex movie. Nathan is a twisted and dangerous individual, who may appear laid back to some but inside there is a dominating, egomaniac.

Finally in our top 5 best Isaac movies, we come to Drive. This was not a leading role for Isaac but having worked closely with writer and director Nicolas Winding Refn, he brings his Latino character to life superbly. 

Author: Luke Windsor