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Top 5 English Language Films of 2015

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At the end of the year 2015, we could very well conclude the year as a good one for films. There were more surprisingly good films in the year than disappointments. Interestingly, most of the anticipated movies of the year in fact turned out really good to great films, here are my picks for the Top 5 English Language Films of 2015:


top 5 1

Spotlight is the best movie on investigative journalism I’ve watched after zodiac. Tom Mccarthy deftly handles one of the biggest scandals in US, subjecting us to the harsh realities of the church and in the process, appreciating journalism for the good work they did. The ensemble cast does a brilliant job but its Keaton and Ruffalo who shine out. Spotlight is a riveting and entertaining drama on one hand and an important piece of cinema on the other.It demands your viewing!


top 5 2

The Martian is pure fun. Nothing else. Ridley Scott delivers again on visuals which are clean, dazzling and impressive, topping it with a sense of humour which is rarely seen in his movies. And what elevates this movie to a whole new level is Matt Damon. He is utterly charming, makes us root for the character and is so comfortable, like its child’s play for him. One of the best performances of the year and one of his best performances till date!


top 5 3

My favourite movie of 2014 was Inarritu’s Birdman and though this time it is not an Inarritu movie, he hasn’t failed to impress. The revenant is dark, dreadful and gloomy but it is beautiful in all those aspects, thanks to Alejandro handling the screenplay as he does and the genius named Lubezki. Cinematography is exceptional and some sequences (the bear mauling scene) will leave you stunned. What actually instils life into this simple revenge story is the breath-taking act by Leonardo Dicaprio. He is a pure gem here! Alejandro + Dicaprio + Lubezki… come on! You can’t get it wrong with this trio!


top 5 4

Inside out is tremendously original, gorgeously animated and such a delight to watch, that it can easily be named pixar’s best! Pete docter (monsters inc, up) tackles the unique (read complex also) idea so masterfully and paints it with his own artistic sense. The film is full of emotions (literally), compassion and fills you with nostalgia. Kudos to him for nailing it both as writer and director and giving us this absolute cracker of a film!


top 5 5

With this, George miller showed us what truly, an action movie feels like. Yes, it feels like mad max: fury road! Visceral, crazy, artistic, dark and creative, mad max puts all other action movies to shame. Miller’s visual expanse reaches new heights here and the audience will be left gasping at every step. Hardy is good as max but we all know who the real protagonist is, and she is a stunner. Staying true to the original trilogy, fury road still carves a name for itself and will be remembered as a masterpiece. A gloriously mad visual spectacle! 2015 actually belonged to the MAD!



top 5 6

Creed does to the rocky series what mad max: fury road does to the original trilogy; it breathes new life into it. Ryan Coogler gives us a protagonist we want to root for, we feel compassionate about and whom we want to see, win. Creed is fresh, emotional and powerful at the same time, thanks to Coogler’s terrific direction. He respectfully spins off the original series but keeps creed’s own identity for the audience to absorb. Michael B Jordan as creed is fantastic and smashingly steps into the shoes of Stallone (terrific in the support) and Apollo Creed. This is a movie you’ll instantaneously fall in love with. I did!


top 5 7

In the age where we are subjected to a horde of big, splashy, gigantic(read useless) sci-fi movies, Alex Garland gave us this visually stunning gem. It’s dark and entertaining with funny and philosophical elements infused, which surprisingly makes it dreadful and disturbing too! And mind you, it works as a locked-room thriller too! Oscar Isaac, Gleeson and Alicia Vikander perform superbly to make this film one of the best of the year. A powerful and can’t-miss sci-fi; and a hell of a directorial debut!


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