Gambling is one of the most popular hobbies, the popularity of which is increasing rapidly. Nowadays, people can enjoy colorful and exciting games at online minimum deposit casino, successfully getting rid of stress and replenishing their budgets with winnings.

Casinos have their own memorable atmosphere, which becomes an inspiration for creators – no wonder movies, books, TV series, and paintings dedicated to the unusual hobby are created, and people keep coming back to the gaming halls.

Series about the casino will be able to dilute any evening, surprising the viewer with sparkling humor, unexpected plot twists, fierce rivalries, and exciting chases, shootouts, and love scenes. Our selection features the best gambling series.

Las Vegas

An American TV series was released in 2003. The film immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of a fast-paced metropolis where the most powerful people gather to spend a few days in casinos with shining signs.

Out of these casinos come, people who have become millionaires overnight, as well as those who have burned their last penny on gambling. But not all are eager to play fair-skilled cheats flock from all corners of the world to pull off devious scams and fill their pockets with easy cash.

It’s these kinds of intruders that a special surveillance team, led by Ed Delaine, keeps an eye on. The private detectives hunt down the crooks, bringing their elaborate schemes to light.


The life of a professional poker player is unpredictable – one day you’re stuffing your pockets with currency and becoming a millionaire in a couple of hours, and the next you’re coming home with an empty wallet and wondering where to make money for food.

Eddie, Clare, and Ellen have chosen this fate for different reasons, but their adventurous disposition has brought them to Las Vegas, a city frequented by true gambling professionals who have spent years honing their skills.

The band comes together to take on the local poker king, Don ‘Matador’ Everest, and dethrone the cheat.

You can also prove yourself as a professional player at online casinos like by beating opponents from all over the world.

The Underground Empire

The events unfold in 1920 when Atlantic City passes the “dry law” prohibiting the consumption and sale of alcohol. Residents are dissatisfied with the changes in the law, many give up, but there are those who plan to get their hands on the law – because the price of underground alcohol has increased several dozen times.

Enoch Thompson leads a double life: by day he is a secretive treasurer, by night he is a gangster, who sells illegal substances. But can he stand up to the local mafia, who have just as much potential in the illegal trade?

High stakes

In St. Petersburg, there is an assassination attempt on an influential criminal authority and owner of a network of land-based casinos – Yuri Sergeev.

His life is saved by a random passerby – a thirteen-year-old boy who did not chicken out and came to the rescue. In gratitude, the man offers the boy a place in his inner circle, and the teenager from the province becomes a member of the Russian mobster’s security service.

Now Kirill Borzov will have to grow up much faster, plunged into the world of mafia passions and intrigues, watching the backstage scams of casino workers and their personal dramas.

Peaky Blinders

British TV series about a criminal gang running rampant in Birmingham in the 1920s.

The much-maligned Shelby family became one of the most powerful gangster gangs of the post-war era, keeping control of all the illegal operations that take place in the city. Their lives are filled with gunfights, mob hits, passionate romances, robberies, and gambling.

The gang’s distinguishing mark is their visor-shaped headdresses, in which they hide sharp blades.

Gambling series thrill with stunning atmosphere, emotional moments, spectacular fights, painful betrayals, and the loyalty of loyal comrades.

For fans of gambling, such pictures will be an outlet, allowing them to plunge back into the beloved atmosphere. And for those who have never tried casino games before, maybe inspired by the spirit of gambling and luxury and find a new hobby.

Author: Scott Ilavin

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