“Tora’s Husband”: Rima Das’ Latest Film to Get Theatrical Release After Critical Acclaim at TIFF

Tora's Husband Rima Das

Among contemporary Indian cinema, Rima Das stands as a leading light because of her adept storytelling methods. With a series of highly acclaimed films like “Village Rockstars” and “Bulbul Can Sing,” she has gained international recognition and brought indigenous stories to the forefront.  Rima Das’ “Tora’s Husband” made its debut on the global stage at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Here, the world got its first look at this movie gem, which set the stage for its international festival journey.

What is Tora’s Husband about?

“Tora’s Husband” deals with a web of feelings and connections. The movie does a great job of telling a story about love, understanding, and responsibility. It gives a close look at the lives of its people and at the world they live in. Das is a good storyteller, and it shows as she takes us on a personal and universal journey.

In the midst of loss due to lockdown, life and death weigh heavily on a small-town entrepreneur in Assam. Unlike his neighbors, his life is a constant fight with uncertainty. He is always trying to become a better version of himself and has high standards for those around him. Sometimes, his anger shows up as aggression, but sometimes, he acts with love and kindness. Even though he tries hard, his dreams keep getting crushed by the harsh facts of his life. He tries to find the inspiration to keep going even though his business isn’t doing well and his personal relationships are tense.


One of the remarkable aspects of “Tora’s Husband” is the casting choice. Rima Das showcases her preference for authenticity by featuring a real-life couple, Abhijit Das and Tarali Kalita Das, in the lead roles. This decision adds a layer of realism to the film, making the characters’ struggles and triumphs all the more relatable. The chemistry between the lead actors is palpable, drawing the audience deeper into the narrative.

Capturing Life Amidst Lockdown:

Rima Das’s ability to capture real-life situations’ essence is evident in “Tora’s Husband.” Shot during the lockdown, the film offers a touching portrayal of life in a small town during the pandemic. It brings to the fore the challenges faced by individuals trying to navigate personal and professional hurdles amidst uncertainty and restrictions. The authenticity of these moments resonates deeply with viewers.

Rima Das wears multiple hats in the creation of “Tora’s Husband.” She directed and produced the film and took on roles as the cinematographer and editor. This level of involvement underscores her passion and dedication to the project. Her commitment to storytelling and her unique vision have consistently set her apart in the world of cinema.

Global Recognition and Awards:

Rima Das’ previous works, “Village Rockstars” and “Bulbul Can Sing,” have already made their mark on the international film circuit. Both films premiered at TIFF and went on to be screened at over 120 prestigious film festivals worldwide, accumulating a staggering 70 awards. “Village Rockstars” achieved the remarkable feat of being India’s Official Entry to the Academy Awards (Oscars) in 2019, a testament to Das’ exceptional storytelling.

GQ India rightly recognized Rima Das as one of the Most Influential Young Indians of 2018. Beyond her filmmaking prowess, she has championed the cause of gender equality in cinema as one of the Brand Ambassadors of the Toronto International Film Festival’s ‘Share Her Journey’ campaign. She has also served on the jury of esteemed film festivals, including the Berlin International Film Festival and the Mumbai International Film Festival.

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