Watch the Trailer Of “The Bad Batch” where All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Let’s talk about Khal Drogo. The man is literally everywhere after his death in Game Of Thrones, and I’m surprised he hasn’t been typecasted yet. Half a year from now, I’ll be covering his escapades in the oceans. Talking about Bad Batch, the trailer gives us a hazy view of the premise, maybe it is trying to get the viewers accustomed to the scorching heat of its setting. We enter a dystopian world, which after George Miller’s Mad Max, has come to be associated with only wastelands and brutish characters. The visual detailing is eye-catching and there seems to be a certain quirkiness within the characters, but do not let this distract you from the commercial savory, the movie appears to be. Keanu Reeves as a Texan mob boss, Jim Carrey as some old lunatic while Momoa flaunting his pecs and artistic skills reeks of mediocre characterization. Dystopian future is a tricky setting, and it depends totally on the script’s creativity to induce entertainment through plot devices and production designing. There’s no such sign in the trailer except the lead’s torture, a long-running plot device in similar movies. One look at it and it looks like a flashy but substanceless rip-off of Mad Max, with the reaction of the critics voicing the same opinion. But if you do intend to catch a movie with a couple of friends and beers, this is definitely worth trying out!