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‘Train to Busan’ Actor Ma Dong-Seok Joins Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

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Actor Ma Dong-Seok, who acted in famous Korean zombie film – Train to Busan has been roped in the Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’. According to Hollywood Reporter, Chloe Zhao who previously directed western drama The Rider, has agreed to direct Marvel’s next potential franchise.


While the Marvel team headed by Kevin Feige has refused to annouce anything that is to come after The Averngers: Endgame and July’s release of the new Spider-Man film – Spider-Man: Far From Home, casting news have been creeping up all the time into the media. 

Created by Jack Kirby in 1976, this new project is said to feature super-powered and near-mortal beings called as The Eternals. There are monstrous characters known as Deviants that are created by cosmic beings recognized as Celestials.


Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie and American-Pakistani Standup comedian actor Kumail Najiani, who co-wrote and acted in The Big Sick also stars in ‘The Eternals’. Although the roles are not disclosed to the audience, actor Ma Dong-Seok is playing a role in the film which is still a mystery to many.

Best known as the rowdy, zombie-killing father from Train to Busan, The Eternals will embark Ma Dong-Seok’s American film journey. As far as the release dates of The Eternals is considered it is still under a big wrap by the Marvel Studios. However, the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is closer than we think. The Averngers: Endgame will hit the screens on 25 April.



Stay tuned to get more updates on the film’s casting and pre-production process.


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