Trapped in the Farmhouse, Lifetime’s upcoming thriller film has an intriguing cast that will take audiences on a suspenseful journey. The story revolves around a young woman’s desperate attempt to escape from her violent and abusive boyfriend. Seeking refuge from a raging storm, she finds herself in an isolated farmhouse, unaware that her troubles have only begun.

What is the movie about?

In Trapped in the Farmhouse, the plot revolves around a woman desperately fleeing from her abusive boyfriend. Terrified and seeking safety, she stumbles upon an isolated farmhouse during a severe and menacing storm. Unbeknownst to her, the Farmhouse holds a dark secret, and what awaits her inside is something far more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

The farmhouse provides temporary relief from her rough life, offering a glimmer of hope and a chance to catch her breath. However, her relief quickly transforms into fear and dread as she discovers she is Trapped in the Farmhouse.

Trapped in the Farmhouse Cast & Characters

The cast of Trapped in the Farmhouse brings their talent and intensity to the screen, portraying characters that will captivate viewers. Let’s delve into the main cast and their respective roles:

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1. Jenna Michno as Emma

Jenna Michno stars as Emma, the lead character in Trapped in the Farmhouse. Emma’s life is in shambles as she seeks an escape from her abusive partner. Desperate for safety, she finds solace within the confines of the Farmhouse. Little does she know that her journey is far from over.

Jenna Michno’s portrayal of Emma promises to be compelling, building upon her previous noteworthy performances in films such as The Perfect Wedding Match, Her Study of a Killer, and Signing Out.

2. Gabriel Pranter as Jack

Gabriel Pranter brings the character of Jack to life in this gripping thriller. Jack is believed to be Emma’s violent boyfriend, adding an element of tension and danger to the story. The film provides an opportunity to delve into the complexities of Jack’s character and witness Gabriel Pranter’s talent in action. Audiences may recognize Gabriel Pranter from his roles in Wild West Chronicles, Into the Wild Frontier, and The Top of the Hill.

3. Tryphena Wade as Deputy Schultz

Tryphena Wade portrays Deputy Schultz. While specific details about her role remain undisclosed, it is evident that Deputy Schultz will play a significant part in the unfolding events. Tryphena Wade’s previous work in films such as Secret Society of Lies, The Case of the Christmas Diamond, and You Can’t Escape Me showcases her versatility as an actress.

Trapped in the Farmhouse also boasts a talented ensemble, with various actors contributing to the film’s overall impact. Here are some critical supporting and minor roles:

  • Sydney Agudong as Kylie
  • Natalie Daniels as Vanessa
  • Daniel Joo as Chris
  • Lola Paja as Betty
  • Garon Grigsby as Officer Neal
  • Dave Rose as Officer Nolan
  • Robert Palmer Watkins as Brian

Trapped in the Farmhouse Release Date

Trapped in the Farmhouse was released on July 9, 2023.

Where and When to Watch Trapped in the Farmhouse?

Trapped in the Farmhouse is available on Lifetime.

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