In True Justice: Family Ties, Casey’s brother is found guilty of a crime. She and the other students in her law school must convince the court that he is innocent. However, this may prove to be more challenging than they anticipate. This is because in order to demonstrate that he has not committed murder, they must first identify the person who did the murder. The film combines aspects of legal drama, conspiracy, and a bit of the signature romance that Hallmark is known for portraying.

True Justice: Family Ties Cast & Characters Explained

Casey (Katherine McNamara)

When Casey’s brother Eli is falsely accused of murder, her world falls apart. Casey is a smart and determined law student. She starts her relentless search for the truth, uncovering a web of secrets and meeting tough challenges, driven by her unwavering loyalty and sharp legal mind.

Eli (Markian Tarasiuk)

Eli, the brother who was wrongly accused, has to deal with the harsh facts of prison life while holding on to hope and faith in his sister’s strength. Even though people question and suspect him, he stays innocent and becomes an important part of finding the real criminal.

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Professor Ambrose (Nikki DeLoach)

Ambrose, a charming and committed law professor, becomes Casey’s guide and friend. With her knowledge and experience as a lawyer, she leads Casey’s research and is always there to help and give useful advice, even when the case takes unexpected turns.

D.A. Quinn (Benjamin Ayres)

Quinn, the eager and harsh District Attorney, is in charge of the prosecution in Eli’s case. He is driven by a strong sense of justice, which clashes with Casey’s unwavering search for proof. As both sides fight for their version of the truth, tension and interest build.

Supporting Cast

  • Sabrina Saudin as PJ
  • Kayla Jo Farris as Tamara
  • Rick Hastings as Kurt Teller
  • Patrick Publow as Police Officer
  • Marisa McIntyre
  • Sam Ashe Arnold


Casey, a talented law student, has her world flipped upside down when her brother Eli is falsely accused of murder. Casey, who is adamant about proving his innocence, joins forces with her pals and a gorgeous law professor in order to locate the true perpetrator of the crime and unravel a complex web of hidden information.

True Justice: Family Ties Release Date & Time

The release date & time of True Justice: Family Ties is January 12, 2024, at 9/8c.

Where to Watch True Justice: Family Ties?

You can watch True Justice: Family Ties on Hallmark Movies.

Watch the trailer here

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