Tubi unveiled its lineup for March 2024, featuring a whole new range of new titles, including original productions set to stream throughout the month. Among the diverse offerings, the documentary section stands out, boasting titles like “Love You To Death: Playbook For Murder,” which provides a raw portrayal of gun violence in America through firsthand accounts. For horror enthusiasts, “Romi” premieres on March 14th, following a young woman who finds herself terrorized by the sinister digital assistant of a smart home where she seeks refuge. Additionally, thriller fans can stream “Paradise” on March 21st, a tale of corruption and vengeance as Ella navigates the murky waters of her island town’s underbelly following her father’s murder cover-up by officials.

Tubi’s March 2024 schedule is a treasure trove for action aficionados who will find adrenaline-pumping flicks like “Crank” and its sequel “Crank 2,” featuring the handsome Jason Statham, alongside the high-octane “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” and the classic “Raid 2.” Fans of classic comedy-action can relive the magic of “Kung Fu Hustle.” For those with a penchant for art house cinema, gems like “Lady Bird” and “The Master” await. Black comedy enthusiasts are in for a treat with titles such as “A Raisin In The Sun” (2008) and “Turn It Up.” Comedy lovers can indulge in a riot of laughter with entertaining titles, perfect for lazy weekends. Horror buffs will be thrilled by offerings like “Shutter,” “Us,” and the spine-chilling “Piranha 3-D.” Meanwhile, the kids’ section promises joy with beloved classics like “Richie Rich,” “Madagascar,” and “The Pink Panther.” From romance to sci-fi to thriller, Tubi’s March lineup promises something for everyone, ensuring endless hours of entertainment for streamers.

Tubi Originals in March 2024

Love You To Death: Playbook For Murder (Documentary) on 6 March

An unflinching look at the true scope and scale of gun violence in America, as told by those who’ve experienced it first-hand.

TMZ Presents: Hollywood Is High (Documentary) on 13 March

From ayahuasca retreats to ketamine therapy, celebrities and scientists alike explore the healing powers and potential pitfalls of modern-day drugs.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Romi (Horror) on 14 March

When a young woman on the run is forced to hide out at a smart home, she becomes terrorized by ROMI, its sinister digital assistant.

You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In (Horror) on 15 March

During a bachelorette party in Italy, a group of girls invite a handsome stranger into their home, not realizing he’s a vampire looking for a bride.

The Camp Host (Thriller) on 16 March

When a young couple and their dog lodge at an idyllic campground, things turn terrifying when the owner reveals herself as a psychopathic killer.

Murdered In Paradise: Bludgeoned In Bali (Documentary) on 20 March

A daughter and her boyfriend plot a gruesome murder against her mother, Shelia von Wiese-Mak, on a luxury vacation in Bali.

Murdered In Paradise: Killing In The Caribbean (Documentary) on 20 March

Three couples’ Caribbean getaway turns ugly when childhood friends, Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy and Caleb Guillroy, die under mysterious circumstances.

Murdered In Paradise: Mystery In Mexico (Documentary) on 20 March

A couple’s reconciliation trip to Cancún, Mexico turns deadly when Monica Beresford-Redmond is found murdered, unraveling a complex investigation.

Paradise (Thriller) on 21 March

When corrupt officials cover up the murder of Ella’s father, she cuts a swath through the anachronistic underbelly of her small island town.

Kiss Of Death (Thriller) on 23 March

When forced to take out a notorious crime boss, a devoted wife, mother and secret hit woman will do anything in her power to protect her identity and save her family.

Vice News Presents: When Black Women Go Missing (Documentary) on 27 March

Vice explores the painful truth of missing and murdered black women whose stories too often go overlooked by mainstream media and law enforcement.

Snatched (Thriller) on 30 March

When three women plot revenge on their exes after they are dumped before Valentine’s day, their attempts to get even turn deadly.

Everything Coming to Tubi in March 2024


  • “Crank”
  • “Crank 2 High Voltage”
  • “Double Team”
  • “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”
  • “Honest Thief” on 8 March
  • “Kung Fu Hustle”
  • “Max Payne”
  • “Safe”
  • “The Gunman”
  • “The Last Manhunt” on 18 March
  • “The Legend Of Tarzan” on 18 March
  • “The Raid 2”
  • “USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage”
  • “War”

Art House

  • “Another Round” on 15 March
  • “Colossal”
  • “Crash (2005)” on 31 March
  • “Dragged Across Concrete” on 16 March
  • “Kung Fu Hustle”
  • “Lady Bird” on 13 March
  • “Memories of Murder”
  • “Southland Tale”
  • “Tangerine” on 26 March
  • “The Master (2012)”

Black Cinema

  • “A Raisin In The Sun (2008)”
  • “Baby Boy”
  • “Belly”
  • “Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club”
  • “Breaking In”
  • “Crooklyn”
  • “Double Take”
  • “Friday”
  • “House Party (2023)”
  • “Juwanna Mann”
  • “Little”
  • “Malcolm & Eddie” on 29 March
  • “Menace II Society”
  • “Next Friday”
  • “Pride”
  • “The Friday After Next”
  • “Thin Line Between Love And Hate”
  • “Turn It Up”


  • “A Simple Favor”
  • “Boo! A Madea Halloween” on 31 March
  • “Buddy Games” on 31 March
  • “Casual”
  • “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”
  • “Holmes And Watson”
  • “Jawbreaker (1999)” on 31 March
  • “Little Man” on 8 March
  • “Little Nicky” on 15 March
  • “Madea’s Witness Protection”
  • “Sixteen Candles”
  • “Still Waiting”
  • “The Heat (2013)”
  • “The Spy Who Dumped Me”
  • “The Wash” on 31 March
  • “Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls”
  • “Waiting…” on 31 March


  • “The September Issue” on 15 March


  • “Idlewild”
  • “Miles Ahead”
  • “Mystic River”
  • “Precious: Based On The Novel By Sapphire”
  • “Ray”
  • “Reasonable Doubt”
  • “Sunset Park”
  • “The Bank Job”
  • “The Client”
  • “The Secret In Their Eyes (2010)”


  • “Gothika”
  • “House On Haunted Hill (1999)”
  • “Knock Knock (2015)”
  • “Piranha 3-D”
  • “Shutter”
  • “Sorority Row”
  • “The Blob (1988)”
  • “The Exorcism Of God” on 15 March
  • “Us”

Kids & Family

  • “Annie (2014)” on 2 March
  • “Dennis The Menace”
  • “Kid Who Would Be King”
  • “Madagascar”
  • “Mr. Mom”
  • “My Girl”
  • “My Girl 2”
  • “Richie Rich”
  • “Smurfs: The Lost Village”
  • “The Emoji Movie”
  • “The Pink Panther (2006)”

Korean Dreama

  • “GOT7’S Real Thai Adventure”


  • “Guess Who”
  • “Just My Luck”
  • “Not Easily Broken”
  • “Poetic Justice”
  • “That Awkward Moment”
  • “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

  • “Boa Vs. Python”
  • “Bulletproof Monk”
  • “Gods of Egypt” on 31 March
  • “Green Lantern”
  • “Hellboy (2019)”
  • “Planet Of The Apes (2001)”
  • “Stealth”
  • “Snowpiercer”
  • “The Giver”
  • “Ultraviolet”


  • “Bone Cold” on 13 March
  • “Breaking In”
  • “Crypto”
  • Inherit The Viper
  • “Jackie Brown” on 31 March
  • “Knock Knock (2015)”
  • “Out Of The Furnace”
  • “Paradise”
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • “The Call”
  • “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)”
  • “Trapped (2002)”


  • “Hell On The Border”
  • “Open Range”
  • “The Last Manhunt” on 18 March

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