As with most issues depicted on TV, it’s very hard to captivate the true nature of a subject in just a TV or documentary series. There are so many angles to every story, with each and every individual having different experiences and viewpoints on the subject.

One of these subjects is gambling – which due to its glitzy, ‘Monte Carlo’ nature, is often glamorized in television shows involving high net-worth individuals or documentary series that tell the story of famous high-octane Vegas cheaters who made millions playing the system.

Meanwhile, the issues some players face after becoming embroiled in the thrills of gambling are well-chronicled in television and film, too, meaning both the highest and the lowest of the hobby are clear and plain to see.

The truth is that most gambling fans are neither one nor the other and simply enjoy trying their luck or testing their wits – which is why we wanted to curate a list of shows that treat the subject of gambling with sensitivity and intelligence. Read on to see which productions made it.

Best Bet

The 2007, Hong Kong-based show ‘Best Bet’ is a comedy that puts emphasis on important morals and brings humor to what can be a damaging problem: gambling addiction.

The vast majority of shows depicting gambling focus on the skill of the player, the ingenuity of the cheat, or the insanely high stakes – the typical thrills and spills of a high-rolling casino player with money to burn.

This show strikes a much better balance and tells a strong message about the dangers of believing in your own luck.

Frontline: The Fantasy Sports Gamble

Another documentary casting an eye over emerging gambling markets is Frontline: The Fantasy Sports Gamble. Much like online poker shot to prominence during the early 2000s, fantasy sports betting has been making a similar rise in recent years.

Rather than going online and searching for ‘online casino Australia real money’ and playing pokies, revelers now have the option to combine interests with gambling and their favorite sports teams.

As the documentary details, though, this market is unstable in its emerging state and still requires further regulation before it’s completely safe.

Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker

While dramatizations and true-fiction stories have their undoubted place for entertainment purposes, you’re much more likely to find a more sensitive approach to depicting the gambling industry when watching documentaries.

Documentaries may not provide every aspect of a story, as is so difficult to do in a TV/media format, but they do aim to investigate the impact of real trends and cover events that have an actual grounding in reality.

One such documentary is Bet Raise Fold, which dives into the complex and ever-changing world that is online gambling. Charting its meteoric rise from the early 2000s to unprecedented controversy in America in 2011 involving some of the biggest online gambling vendors, the documentary casts an eye over three different players and their stories in a whirlwind of high stakes and the highest levels of play.

Author: Ana

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