Tyler Perry’s Ruthless Season 4: Ruthless is a spin-off from the famous The Oval series. This American drama is the brainchild of Tyler Perry, as he also serves as the Writer, Director, and Executive Producer for the same. Season 1 of Ruthless premiered on 19th March 2020 and streamed on BET+ service. The story follows Ruth Truesdale as she becomes involved in a mysterious and shady cult consisting of many sex-crazy powerful people. She must play along as she tries to find a way to rescue her daughter. 

Tyler Perry’s Ruthless Season 4 Cast & Characters Explained

Melissa L. Williams as Ruth Truesdale

Melissa L. Williams plays the role of our protagonist Ruth Truesdale. She is a single mother and a devoted member of the Rakudushi cult. But she is trying to escape the cult along with her kidnapped daughter.

Matt Cedeño as The Highest

Matt Cedeño plays the powerful leader of the Rakudushi cult, known as “The Highest”. Perpetually adorned in white and boasting long, flowing hair, he presents an outward facade of tranquility, warmth, and serenity. Yet, concealed beneath this composed exterior is a disturbing truth as he harbors the unsettling tendencies of a sexual sadist.

Apart from the main cast you will see the following actors in these roles:

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  • Lenny Thomas as Dikhan
  • Collin McCalla as River
  • Stephanie Charles as Sarah
  • Blue Kimble as Andrew
  • Michelle Nunez as Zane
  • Bobbi Baker plays Synthia

Tyler Perry’s Ruthless Season 4 Release Date

The release date of the second half of Tyler Perry’s Ruthless Season 4 is February1, 2024.


Season 4 of Tyler Perry’s Ruthless brings us many dark twists and turns. We see that in a gripping sequence of events, Aaron finds himself at a crossroads, resorting to a desperate attempt to bribe The Highest, a powerful figure and the leader of the cult. Simultaneously, Joan takes on the role of protector, striving to keep Zane, perhaps a vulnerable ally, out of impending trouble. 

Ruth, being as observant as ever, stumbles upon a compromising position concerning George, unraveling a web of secrets. Meanwhile, the tension escalates as the FBI, aware of the Rakudushi cult’s activities, makes a crucial decision to visit them, setting the stage for a collision between law enforcement and the clandestine world of the Raku, with consequences hanging in the balance.

Where to Watch Ruthless Season 4?

You can stream Ruthless Season 4 on Bet+ and Prime Video.

Episodes Listing

  • “A Matter of Time
  • “What’s Done in the Dark”
  • “Behind Closed Doors”
  • “Eager Little Flower”
  • “Close Call”
  • “Disappearing Act”
  • “You Have to Play the Game”
  • “Eye for an Eye”
  • “Wicked Intentions”
  • “Tonight Is the Night”
  • “State of Emergency”
  • “The Art of Secrecy”
  • “Keep Fighting”

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